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Out Of The Ashes

posted Jul 22, 2011, 3:20 PM by Cat Hammes

One might look down at the beautiful things they have and be grateful. As you look upon that diamond understand that the jewel you see was forged under temperatures above 2000ž and pressures 50 times the normal rock and many years of pressure. Forged deep within the earth’s crust for 1000 of years.

One might say that if the dead are dead let them rest.  But there are rare occasions that one may not want the dead to stay that way. 

A journey thrust upon me five years ago was perhaps the most painful, solace journey to embark upon. From what felt the depths of hell I traveled upon this desolate road. A road that should have been by medical opinion one could not travel.

I have often used the term, “when death throws you back” what do you do? This has become the journey that I have embarked upon. From the depths of absolute despair and agony. Those that by all reasonable explanation I should not have recovered or much less lived through, my journey began.

From the ashes of asphalt, denial, agony, pain and betrayal; those of broken body, mind and spirit began this path.

From the tragedy of near death, amputation, medical error, loss of career, of marriage and connection to loved ones the wounds so deep I felt as if I were the living dead. I cursed those who had saved me. I cried out why you did not let me die on that road, to thrust upon measures I could not with stand.

These have been the roads this One Legged Blonde has traveled. Upon these roads as I met others who encouraged me, believed in me and helped me.  As I was being rebuilt friends rebuilt my Fatboy. As I rode her the wind kissed my face and the sun warmed my spirit. The wind spoke to me. The life that had died was left behind as I began to rise from the ashes and live.

Then one day a pregnant doe bolt across a freeway, with no way to avoid my treasured Fatboy split the doe and miraculously I did not go down. As I eased her to the side and called for assistance. The graveness of what had transpired began to sink in. As the tow truck loaded her, in my mind, I felt that was the last time I was to ride her. Riding her was an extension of me, my solace and peace. More forging under pressure.

2 ½ weeks later 4 men, 3 from Lil’ Scott’s Custom, Scotty, Rusty, Randy and a heart surgeon (a friend of theirs) placed the new engine, into her new frame, with her new front end.  As they finished rebuilding my Fatboy and fired up that engine, she too started to rise from the ashes.

It seemed only fitting a heart surgeon would assist putting the new heart into my Phoenix. Come along if you dare and reach beyond yourself as I travel cross country with Diamond Posse, giving thanks to our Countries Veterans and hopefully sparking a Phoenix within them and you! Peace Out. Cat