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Life as I know it

posted Sep 17, 2015, 3:00 PM by Cat Hammes
It's been a long time coming seems like its taking forever. You see there's different components to a prosthetic leg there's a socket then there's the components and last but not least the foot. It's a complication I never thought I would have to learn to deal with and accept but it's the life that was given to me. Frustrating at best and certainly not one of my strong suits is waiting patiently. But I look back today many friends who had to deal with the very same thing that I dealt, because off that fateful day. I can't change the past all I can do is move on with the future. Some days it's a struggle some days it's not. I'm definitely a built in barometer, yes I really can tell the weather. Again not one of the many things I thought I would learn to appreciate. The other thing I've come to find is the older I get the more I realize that each and every one of us go through these different storms in our life some just passing, some roll thru like a tornado leaving a phenomenal aftermath. None of us will escape this life exactly the way we want them to. All of us will experience some life changing events, some will be good some will be bad but truly all of us will experience a change we're not guaranteed a free pass at life. LIFE IS SHORT. We only live it once. Today I choose to be kinder, more compassionate and understanding. I didn't ask for the life of a one legged blonde. I had other things planned. But I can't change it. I have come to understand when I really thought I could not deal with this life, I realize it wasn't a choice, I was built for it.
Just sayin