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posted May 7, 2012, 10:07 AM by Cat Hammes
I need the get away so badly. It has been a rough time since back from Daytona so getting away from the stress of it all very needed. My only wish would have been the ability to do more things. I try very hard not to focus on my limitations but in Hawaii much harder with such beauty and water. 
I met such awesome people active Army men and women and this morning I will be speaking to a platoon as well and speaking with Colonel Place more abour how to reduce injuries and fatalities with his soldiers on there POV motorcycles. Yes learning everyday.
James who wanted Vicki and I to share and we met him by mistaken room.  Rich who will take info with him to Texas. 
Fran and Kim who will work with James and Cycle City Harley-Davidsonnto reach riders with Bill Labby and Leewood assisting them in providing ASMI here localy.
I can not say enough thanks to Bill for going the distance in overcoming because he knew ASMI does reduce injuries and fatalities. When you are a rider and a motorcycle safety cordinator and you think that motorcycle riders education is enough and defensive driving is enough? I challenge those with that belief to look outside the box. What if your wrong? What if you are wrong?
Well appearences to do. Peace Out!