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posted Jan 13, 2012, 1:30 PM by Cat Hammes

One might say that if the dead are dead let them rest. But there are rare occasions that one may not want the dead to stay that way.

A journey thrust upon me five + years ago was perhaps the most painful, solace journey to embark upon. From what felt the depths of hell I traveled upon this desolate road. A road that should have been by medical opinion one could not travel.

I have often used the term, “when death throws you back” what do you do? This has become my journey from the depths of absolute despair and agony and hell.

From the ashes of asphalt out of the wreckage of broken body, mind and spirit began the forging.

In that fire I cursed those who had saved me. It feels like yesterday sometimes and so long ago at others. The roads twisted and winding.

These have been the roads I the One Legged Blonde has traveled. Upon these roads as I met others who encourage me to ride strong. I met many with wounds so deep that words may never bring them back. So many veterans that are my hero's. I have met so many awesome women. Maggie who rode thousands of miles to meet me and we forged a lifelong connection. I met a funny man with a beautiful gal who inspires me in so many ways. Yes Jack that is you both. A kind blonde doctor who's therapy is riding and there are friendship was born. Diva who inspires other women to bloom. Vicki who strives to serve bikers but needs to be cloned over and over. Rogue who just inspires me to laugh and not take myself so serious. Pan who lets me be me. Rene' who's passion for animals is before even his needs. Kim who reminds me there still is kind hearted gentle spirits. Meg who just loves to ride and the list goes on. Trust me if you are not on here it is not because I have forgotten the list is too long to keep going.

I want to live my life to be all that I can. To ride as if there is no tomorrow. To love those I love to my greatest ability. To be able to stay calm in the storms. To know when there is rain it is the tears falling that I could not shed. That there is comfort in kindness. That there is still wonderful people left in this world and so many of them wear black, leather and smell like asphalt and never forget those that have given me freedom.

I am so grateful for this life and the second chance to get this right.