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posted Jul 24, 2012, 5:47 PM by Cat Hammes
"Freedom isn't free," he said as he tipped that beer to his lips. "Many men have died and given parts of themselves in the name of your freedom young lady that you will never understand." He gazed into the night sky as if he could glimpse a memory or too to share. His eyes teared up and he said, "There are thoughts and memories that torture this old soul, I thought I was ready to speak them but the demons will stay with me." He looked away and lifted that smoke to his lips and blew it out softly, glancing my way and waiving me to leave. The stories and untold stories of the men and women that have served our country and paid such high prices to secure our freedoms shared with this One Legged Blonde.
They shared the laughs, the tears and some the silent agony of war. When they say the eyes are the mirrors of ones souls, to that I would very much agree. To the 1% looked down on and judged, do the strangers realize he holds a Bronze Star from Vietnam? To the young silent one with missing leg and arm that will not bend, that he is one of our recent war hero's. To the PTSD and all the other injuries so many to list. These are the prices paid for my freedom!
To the cages in WWII that held my Uncle prisoner to the war scorched dirt that holds our MIA's. So many sacrafices and so little thanks.
May I take this time to THANK each and every person who has served our country, those both active and those that have served. My words can never give to you my deepest heart felt thank yous to the degree I wish they would. But as you read this imagine a heartfelt hug and thank you from a stronge willed, hard headed, woman who will speak her mind no matter what. This One Legged Blonde truely knows beyond a shadow of a doubt if I were not an American I would be in serious trouble, jail or dead. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE SACRAFICED, AND TO THE POW/MIA'S YOU MAY BE GONE BUT YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!