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Diamond Posse

posted Feb 27, 2011, 7:39 AM by Cat Hammes
So for those who do not know me I ride with a group of women called Diamond posse and I am the One Legged Blonde. A reality I live with on a daily bases and one, only  a person who has experienced limb loss can understand. 
You may ask why I do veteran outreach and it is not because I am a veteran, rather I am a veteran lover. What I mean by that is, I have full knowledge when I ride my Harley across America without restrictions and limitations it is because of what this Nations Veterans have done for me.
I am keenly aware of loss and I can identify with the realities of limb loss, traumatic brain injury and trauma. I have made the choice to do something about my life experiences and tragedies and turn it around by doing for others. It is that simple. They are my stepping stones not my stumbeling blocks.
I am a n American, I like counrty music, old school rock, old trucks and cars and a good cigar. However, my passion is Harley's and Indian's (someday I will have an Indian). I love to ride and there truely is no other activity that even comes close to the feeling I have on my bike than helping and reaching out to others.
I will however, make onething perfectly clear. Do not mistake my kindness as a weakness you will be sorrowfully mistaken!
So if you want to follow this journey of my recovery from a tragic near death experience and my journey back to life? When death throws you back, what next?"