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posted May 31, 2011, 11:57 AM by Cat Hammes   [ updated May 31, 2011, 12:15 PM ]
There were so many wonderful people to meet. I challenged them to take the Bystander Assistance Course that had been founded in the US by Vicki Sanfelipo RN in 1996. It was day after day sharing my story on how life changing this program can be. The Press was so interested that some of them took the course and came back for the Advanced course. Australia's Director Phil Lemin brought this to OZ ( and after driving there I understood how much they need it too!
I bet back in 1996 if the Spitfire had known how life changing what she was doing would bring her into the for front of politicians,  healthcare workers, to departments of transportation and sometimes questioned about why she thought it was so important, with long hours and no pay would she have done it?
I am not sure if many would undertake the intensity of long hours, sacrafice and foritude it took to have this program manifest in such away.
What I do know that 10 years after her vision of teaching her friends some very simple things to do at the scene of a motorcycle crash, that those very things are what certianly reduced a fatality and injury in my case and this One Legged Blonde is still alive and not paralized from those injuries and still riding my Fatboy.
My utmost respect and admiration goes out to such a tenacious Spitfire that was willing to indure the long unpaying hours that saved my life. No thanks could ever be enough to this woman and all of those bikers who will take a simple 8 hours out of there day to change the outcome of a motorcycle crash.
Those of you who read this and do not know about it, just look up:
Accident Scene Mangement
You will find it and a wealth of information!