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Oneida YMCA Y-Tri

The 2014 Oneida Y-Tri coming June 22nd! 

Oneida Y-Tri 2013

General Information:
  • Parking for triathlon athletes and spectators will be available at Oneida High School on race day. 
  • The swim for all participants will be held in the Oneida YMCA's 25-yard, 6 lane pool. 
  • Swimmers will leave on 20-second intervals for the swim portion of the triathlon. Each swimmer will "snake" through each lane by completing 50-yards in each lane  (total 300 yards) before exiting the pool. 
  • To avoid athletes finishing the bike and run legs of the tri on an uphill, we have conveniently set up the transition area at the old "Wee Care" building directly across from the Oneida Hospital Complex.
  • Transition 1 from swim to bike will start when athletes exit the pool and walk/jog/run down the hill to their bike at the Wee Care Building at the bottom of the hill. 
  • All participants must wear an approved cycling helmet. 
  • Since the cycling portion of the triathlon will be held on open roads, participants must follow the rules of riding with traffic.  Oneida City Police Officers will be located at three main intersections to ensure the safety of riding participants at the start of the race. 
  • The 2-mile run portion of the triathlon will be held on Seneca Street in Oneida. 
  • Race volunteers will be located throughout the route to guide athletes through the bike and run courses. 
  • Water stations will be set up on Seneca Street during the run portion of the triathlon. 
  • Course route maps: Y-Tri Bike and Run Routes
  • All participants must sign a race waiver in order to participate. Participants under the age of 18 must have a legal parent or guardian sign the race waiver. 
  • The triathlon for kids in grades K-6 will be held immediately following the finish of the Adult Beginner/Grade 7-12 race. The kids fun triathlon will be held in the YMCA pool and on the YMCA grounds around the parking lot circle. 
  • Kids in need of assistance in the pool may use any YMCA approved flotation device or swim with the assistance of a swim team member. 

Three convenient ways to pre-register for the Oneida Y-Tri!
Oneida Y

1)  At the Oneida Family YMCA- Register at the front desk using cash, credit, or check. 
2) By Phone- Call (315) 363-7788 to register using your Visa or MasterCard.
3) By mail- Please make all checks payable to: Oneida Family YMCA. Send checks to: 701 Seneca Street, Oneida, NY 13421.

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Videos to help you with freestyle technique:

Zip, Tickle, Touch- Thumb "zips" up alongside your body with palm facing back, "tickle" your arm pit in order to lead with a high elbow, "touch" the other hand in order to repeat the drill using your other arm. The three key words help swimmers think about the main parts of the freestyle recovery before initiating the underwater pull...Video

"Fingertip Drag" Drill- With palm facing back, drag your fingertips along the surface of the water starting with your hand at your hips and following through in the recovery position. This is by far my favorite drill because it helps correct so many aspects of the stroke..... Video