Everybody swims, everybody wins!
01/02/17- Oneonta meet information posted to "2016-2017 Season." Jack Frost YMCA Invitational information posted to "2016-2017 Season."
12/02/16- Fulton and Skaneateles Tri-Meet Swimmer Events posted @ 5:43 p.m. (Relays to be announced at meet tomorrow). Can be found under "2016-2017 Season."
11/28/16- Winter Whiteout YMCA Invitational Meet information posted under "2016-2017 Season", December Distance USA Meet cancelled, SCY Team Records Updated

Swim Team Season Calendar

The Oneida YMCA Dolphin Swim Team is a  dual YMCA/USA competitive swim program serving youth in the surrounding Oneida areas.  Swimmers receive training to improve their competitive stroke technique, endurance, and speed. Swimmers train Monday through Thursday evenings and Sundays to help them prepare for meets, which are typically held on weekends.  In addition to competitive swimming, swimmers learn goal setting, self-discipline, team work, and how to have fun while getting physically active-all lessons they will carry on with them in life.
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