my soul's truth

Love unconditional, acceptance,
       forgiveness... that is
       my soul's truth...
       And however that is to be expressed
       is in accordance to another's need,
       spoken to me through their physical
       presence or distant energy;
       spoken through a calling upon
       my heart, spontaneous,
       in the moment's need―
       attention, acknowledgment,
       freedom―through prayer,
       letter, phone, silence, absence,
       visit, touch, word, music,
       laughter, dance, stillness
       of my tongue, gratitude,
       guidance from my own experience,
       encouragement from perspective
       outside of their own...

To walk barefoot in response
       to need with soles that move more
       deeply than my physical
       capabilities; to love outside
       of and beyond understanding,
       that is what Wisdom tells me
       my soul's truth is, and that
       nothing else matters―where I live,
       what I study, what I
       have or don't have...

All that I ask in return
       is for respect of the need
       my soul has to be free
       to love freely―
       so to hear, feel and
       respond in the moment's

To those who have given
       and do give this back
       to me, thank you for coming
       to me with your need
       and reciprocating in mine
       in ways that do not hold “neediness”,
       in ways that do not approach
       treading upon nor suffocating
       the other's spirit―yours
       or mine―in ways
       that do not block life/
       love from its continuum...

Again, in love, I give you
       to your truth, for, again,
       yours is mine and mine is yours,
       after all free will is
       given us even by our own

In freedom
     there is always desire
           to return

Possessiveness, ownership, attachment
     only bind us
           to the experience of loss
            as they push desire
              to turn away and run

It's a funny thing about freedom
     Selfishness tells us
        it can't be found in selflessness
     But that is where its wings mend
           That is where its wings open
           That is where its wings fly.

© 2010-2014 Kimberlyann DeAngelo / Samuel Zimmerman