Life of contemplation.

    Some of us are given to
a life of contemplation
over things “spiritual”, “philosophical”,
you wish to call it. There
are days this can be a
tremendous burden, curse
of torment; mostly it becomes
a great blessing. We may
play here and there with
“silly”; mingle a little
in “worldly”; fall into
“statistical” for a moment,
but where we truly hang
out is in the deep crevices
of our soul where our
fruit ripens to expose
color, bruises and core.

    As we ripen and expose
we fade our color to vibrant
Light as we accept our
bruises from reason that
seeks no reason or blame
―with compassion we
take the hands that gently
or powerfully squeeze to
see how supple, pliable,
close to the Core we are.
We don't mind sitting
among the bin of “strange”,
“unusual”, “alien”, rough-
“Ugli” fruit. We find
more beauty in knowing
who we are.

    Interesting... Ugli
fruits are often more
expensive, considered “exotic”.
A soul covers great mileage seeking
to return from exportation
back to importation as
it learns this world's
common denominator is
not peace, beauty and
harmony, but rather
the journey of outreach
through suffering, chaos
and tragedy to unite
us that takes us there.

© 2010-2014 Kimberlyann DeAngelo / Samuel Zimmerman