“...leaves of ego...”

Let the leaves of ego

    fall away to the ground

     Let their breakdown

         beautify the visiting,

        feed and fertilize

             the waiting land


           transcend the person

              become the Presence

           Become the canvas

            and the instrument

               soaking in the

                colors of Essence


            wear the wardrobe

               of His Grace

     Carried by the Wind of His

           leave behind

       the mind that conceptualizes

Come upon the Eyes

                of His

      Be with These

          (in Thy Hand

             of Universe)

      Gentle will They

              finish thee

        as gentle

           will They uncover thee

Hold on not

       for you will be held



               Love that Breathes

                Love that perfumes

(and) The road is a Rose

                   whose feet move soft

                             and subtle

                                  as silk on petals”