There is only One Self...

There is only One Self...

The sense of individual self is the beginning of separation, this separation then seeks what it perceives as need to heal/rejoin connection. It perceives lack and loss and lives from here. Sense of (separate) self begins the paths of gain for one or few within its circle; begins the paths to fear, competition, hording, lording over, vanity, greed, pride, etc.... Sense of (separate) self sees its position as isolation, lonely, unloving or unloved, or perceives “others” as such. One Self sees position for what it is ― position which is perception, which is fleeting ― not everlasting, nor eternal.

“To know thy self” is to know Thy Self ― the One Self.

“To find your Self, you must lose your self”, as Christ spoke is to lose the sense of separate self.

Understanding and living from One Self invites communion with all that is and opens the view to see interdimentonally. Living interdimentionally allows us to know that whether it be communing with “those” of other dimensions (i. e. angels, spirits, 1. the beings in the photos from the stream), or “those” of this realm of physicality, we are intrical to the bridging of healing and harmony. We see we are never just witness nor solely responsible. We see seeking autonomy creates suffering, as it creates separation in its pursuit. Autonomy divides us from our deepest memory of who we are ― divides us from Creator, from “other(s)”, from plants, from animals, from seas, from skyscape stars of which we share D N A; it tells us we are separate ― that there is an other, another and here we begin what we term schizophrenia” or “multiple personality disorder”, rather than understand the Lifeforce-breath-blood-water-carbon-oxygen-mineral-Light particle that travel us all in the All. Rather than understand what “i” feel is not just what “i” feel or have felt, there is no just “i”.

So where are we now in this “time” in “history” of the All of the One? Where we have been for very, very long, but not from the Beginning and not for Eternity. For we are always in a “time” or “point” in “history” or “evolution” to see we can be Harmony, we can be the Love of One; to feel or see this sense of separation is not sin to be looked upon with condemnation, but rather with Love and the shared joy in waking from the false dream of, or illusion in (separate) self. We are the Stream and the clearing ―

     “...('i') thank the Holy Spirit's

unfaltering companionship, the Holy Spirit's

persistence as counsel when so fraught

with dolorous ennui', in spells of

blindness, I could not see this Beacon

calling me to the Well. Yet even when

my vision is poor, rhythm off

and spirit sore, silently ―

whether in rabid race or subtle stroll

― this Beacon has always, will always

bring me to that Well...

That Well that springs

from Jesus' face

and rains over to reveal

and mystify my soul

so bestowed glimpses

into and through

the eyes of Yahweh

to give rise to lessons

in self-awareness      eyes

that fill my cup with

                   liquid mercy

until, again, I glean


until fluent

in His language

   of Love

I know where there is no

self there is no one alone

where there is no one alone

there is no loneliness

Until fluid

in the movement of prayer

I breathe in to bathe in




waves peaked that tip-toe-

trickle down in soft-current


                          of intercession

       Where I find to identify me

       as no specific person or thing

       but indistinguishable

       from purpose, from need

       of all other

       Where I step to steep

       in the tempo

       of one-unified-God-world-soul...”

“They said to Him, 'shall we then being children, enter the Kingdom?' Jesus said to them , 'When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, then you shall enter the Kingdom.'”

We are correcting the Beginning”

Jesus to me in Sept. 2012

― the “original sin” of

fragmentation ― the

separation of man and woman, man

and being, man and Creator, man

and creation

― from which judgment and

     blame and shame

       through separateness and

       division along with interpretation


Karma exists only because

of the belief in Karma.

The belief perpetuates its

force ―

       to say “I seek no revenge,

       I am gentle and non-

       violent and take no action

       toward revenge nor do I

       seek justice.”,

       yet, simultaneously think

or say, “I believe in

Karma” is to perpetuate

pain and suffering; is to

participate in violence

and revenge.

       For believing in Karma

is placing energy in the

subtle hope for revenge

while washing our hands of

the blood of

perpetual suffering.

This was addressed in Jesus speaking “Turn the other cheek,” “Forgive 70 times 7,” and in crucifixion, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” No justice sought. Just Love pouring out.

1. Between 2012 and 2014, Kim DeAngelo took a remarkable series of photos at various locations including Skippack stream in Collageville PA. They are of spirits or entities, both benevolent and malevolent, showing themselves in the flowing water.