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Introduction to Tender Mercies


“I have believed in You, Jesus, always. I have believed in God, always. I have felt intimately all these things of Scripture, yet I don't even remember learning? As I come upon writings, recordings, verses of these Biblical authors of Gospel, they are confirmation rather than news. Rather than teachings, they serve for me as encouragement. Is it this line of encouragement that I am to continue with my journalings and Dialogue with You? With my story? For I see now whether I scurry or journey, this calling I obey no matter how painful, no matter how glory-less, no matter how consuming.”

Kimberlyann DeAngelo

Tender Mercies is a powerful, intimate communion with Divine Love that expresses the true unity we have with God and each other when the “veil” between us, imposed by human misunderstanding and interpretation, is finally lifted. Those familiar with Miss DeAngelo's first book, ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom..., will recognize many of the writings here, in whole or in part. It was Kim's desire to create a collection of her works that were direct revelations from God, and those that she felt God's presence strongly while writing. What distinguishes DeAngelo in the world of contemporary Christian authors is that she is not writing about a subject she's studied for years or telling stories that illustrate Biblical principals. There is no sense of detachment from the author to her subject. One experiences these writings on a deeply emotional and personal level as though she were carrying the cross along with Christ. Never critical of other faiths or perspectives, rather, these insights reveal Jesus' heart in His mercy, grace, understanding and empathy with the human condition in all its conflict, doubt, suffering and longing for Divine connection and re-connection. This life-long dialogue with God, both ecstatic and at times debilitating, has defined who she is and how she interacts with others. It is something she shares in the hope they may find healing, comfort and connection in their own hearts.

It is important to note for this collection, words not normally capitalized are always references to divinity, God's direct communication with Kim is quoted and italicized, and although this body of work represents material that spans many years and was written in different locations, there was an effort to present it in the form of a continuous narrative, much in the same way as ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom.... For reference sake, a phrase was selected from each piece Kim did not give a title to.

Here, the reader will experience a diversity of style, spiritual expression and insight rarely found in our time. I have always found Kim and her writing to be refreshingly un-contemporary.

         “Many say, 'Actions speak

louder than words', or, 'One

can write, but can he/she live

it?' For the true self comes out

in action.

          Sometimes actions do

speak louder than words.

And sometimes actions hide

motives. Sometimes actions

are confused or speak too quickly.

I find my truest self ―

my self with Self, that is ―

comes through in word written

from my hand moving in

accordance to direction and

guidance from this most

authentic residence. Here

is where freedom in the

uninhibited purity of heart

and expression emerge,

and so here is where the

pearl is found in the oyster

of my being, carried and

sometimes hidden in the

ocean of Love's depths.

Here is where I am real, where

there is no false to conceal.

Here is where I am in

The I Am Universal,

and in this movement

     I am still

     and ever...

Here is where I learn Peace

    until action doesn't need

          to speak

    for here is where I discover

          I am true

           and known...

Here is where I desire

      that for All other...”

Kimberlyann DeAngelo

Included in this book is, “A Lifting of the Veil; The Testimony of George Snedeker”. Here is a powerful and personal account of a dear friend and “Brother of Listening”, who has struggled for years with depression and suicidal thoughts. Their relationship began around 2002 when George was working in the health and beauty section of a Whole Foods store and they began to talk while Kim was shopping. After not seeing each other for some time, Kim thought he had gotten another job. Then, in 2008 while Kim was driving elsewhere, she found herself entering an Arrow Root health food store parking lot. She parked, attempted to exit her car, and though it wasn't windy, the door closed on her several times as though some force were attempting to prevent her from leaving. Finally frustrated, she kicked the door open. As she entered the store, she said to herself, “I don't even need anything, why am I going here”? As she was looking around, she saw George standing there, and they were surprised to see each other. After greeting one-another, George told Kim that he wasn't at Whole Foods anymore because he had gotten sick ― being diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. (Kim's autoimmune condition is triggered by similar things such as odors, topical items, food and even sound.) In the course of their conversation, Kim felt strongly moved to tell him of one of the darkest times in her life, when she tried to use Demerol to commit suicide. George was grateful for her having shared this, as unbeknownst to Kim, he was contemplating doing the same. When their conversation concluded, they exchanged phone numbers, and Kim told him, “maybe we can be spiritual companions”.

About two weeks passed when they finally got together to talk at the Ludington library in Bryn Mawr PA. George told her he had recently bought the book, “God Calling”, which contains messages from God to two women who called themselves “The Two Listeners”. As he was sharing this with Kim, she suddenly stopped him and told George of a message she'd just received from the Lord she then called “The Sisters of Listening”. They looked at each other in surprise, and Kim read him some of the writings that would ultimately become her vision for “The Sisters and Brothers of Listening”. Some of the insights George gained from their meeting were to keep things simple, that his illness was not a punishment for his sins, that bearing his illness and not giving up is part of his cross, and to grow intimate with Jesus and focus on Christ's love for him. Though he did take these messages to heart, depression has a way of grabbing hold of us ― even in the awareness of our many blessings ― and drags us to a place of darkness; an overpowering sense of worthlessness, despair and futility to the point we contemplate that which, in our moments of clarity, we would eternally regret. But the light of his soul would not be snuffed out. In one of George's darkest hours, God shared through Kim a message of hope and healing that would help him come to terms with his depression and suicidal thoughts, and offer clarity and a fresh perspective on the real and loving relationship he has with Jesus. It is this understanding I pray not only blesses him in the years to come, but becomes a source of hope and renewal to all who read his testimony and struggle with similar feelings.

Between these events of 2008 up to the time of his contemplating suicide in 2010, their friendship grew, and Kim shared many more writings and experiences with George.

“Kim's writings and experiences, they aren't meant to 'replace' scripture, or one's own personal experiences with the Lord ― they help to show the deep intimate side of God, how He desires intimacy with each one of us on a personal level. They help to 'flesh out' the scriptures, and bring the living Jesus, who is The Word made flesh, to life in someone here and now. Jesus' words become alive in an intimate dialogue with Kim and others like her who have there experiences and gifts to share.

Paul wrote, 'Each one has his or her own special gift' to be shared as the Lord leads, among fellow believers, at church, and with anyone who will have ears to hear. It's the same message, the same Holy Spirit, evoking in various ways, using each one's abilities, talents, gifts etc. as He sees fit, all for the greater good and blessing to all and ultimately for the glory of God! Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!

Wow! Praise You Lord God!”

George Snedeker

It is my sincere wish that all who read and reflect on this book may find Christ's heart and their interconnection to all of creation for themselves, or re-kindle that faith that was lost or harmed by religious legalism, oppression, doubt, loss or suffering.

Samuel Zimmerman

“We cannot expect to be whole until we no longer look at each other as broken and in need of our 'fixing'...

We cannot expect to be whole, ABBA, until we no longer look at You as broken and in need of our 'fixing'.

We have been breaking You apart and trying to rebuild You for centuries. Meanwhile every prophet, every mystic, Your Son ― Word in flesh, all have

brought forth Your wholeness, Your truth equaling one most important message: Love manifest in mercy, compassion, respect for the dignity of the soul; this Love that unifies all souls toward interdependance and oneness in You.”

Kimberlyann DeAngelo