Baptism (Leave Me Clean of Me)

Sometimes I wish to find You
                       where I am
         and dance on the magical whim
         sea inside of me...

Sometimes I wish to part my bangs
         lift my hair and see Your eyes
         melt my lips apart
         with the tongue of Your heart...

Lay with me in green green grass
Roll me down hallowed hills
         of cheeks blushing unearthed manna
         in fringe-hemmed land bohemia
Cover me under the Face of Love
raise me in the heat of Your sun
Scar me in stars to quell my fears
         then cool me off
         heal me in trust
         to rest adorned in moon-
         glow of Your Light ―
         Salvation, salivate
         savage vibration
         Christen me untamed
Leave me Christened untamed...

Fill my womb with the Wisdom
         of maturity to birth Love selflessly
         giving (beyond) over to You (beyond)
         any need to receive...

Let me not lie down
         only to rest awaiting Your hand
         upon my breast where here
         on the surface
         may satisfy some mortal ideal...

Ignite my awareness
         to recognize Your voice, to concern
         my heart with its conscience;
         to concern my heart to reflect patience
         where Love's mercy lingers in balance
         and calls us to return to our state
                                                     of Grace...

Gently play with me
         my game of imperfections
         rising from any claim
         of insecurity, avarice
         or vanity over me...

Leave me not a virgin
     to lie awaiting virtue
     to penetrate sanctification...
         Raise me up
         in progressive transformation
         Raise us up
         in progressive transformation...

© 2010-2014 Kimberlyann DeAngelo / Samuel Zimmerman