Obesity Awareness

Purpose of One Health Challenge:
The purpose of the One Health Challenge is to promote collaboration and partnerships between the various health professions, while understanding the important connection between human and animal health.  The topic for the One Health Challenge for this school year is "Obesity Awareness", with an emphasis on educating ourselves and our community on the current topic.


Dog Jog Photos!

October 24, 2009 3:00-6:00pm @ Adair Park
Click on the link below to find out more and register!
Howl-A-Ween Dog Jog!

   WBIR Live @ Five Broadcast
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Article about our Event:


Events for Veterinary Students:

"Fit Class Challenge": A competition between classes to see which class can earn the most hours of doing some sort of physical activity/exercise. Earn extra points for working out with your pet!  Fill out the form below so we have a record of your exercise hours!

Fit School Challenge!

Congratulations to our Fit School Challenge Winners:  UTCVM Class of 2012 with 869 total fit hours (62 pet fit hours)!!!!

                Class of 2013:  850 hours (70 pet fit hours)

                Class of 2011:  416.75 hours (52 pet fit hours)

                Faculty/Staff:    357.75 hours (35 pet fit hours)

                Class of 2010:   59.5 hours (10 pet fit hours)

Upcoming Events:

Knox Co. Health Fair & National Pet Obesity Awareness Day:  October 14, 2009!

Pet aerobics class
: October 24, 2009                                                                                             
  ~ Learn fun creative ways to exercise with your pets!

Dog Jog: October 24, 2009 3:00pm   
~ To add a challenge, once you've signed up for the race, make a goal to run/walk/jog a certain number of miles prior to the actual race day and then finish your goal at the race!  For Example: for a goal of 10 miles, run/walk/jog a total of 9 miles with your pet during the weeks prior to the race and run the 10th mile at the Dog Jog!

University Health Fair (March 31 7:00-2:00 @ the University Center Ballroom)

Greater Knoxville Start! Heart Walk (September 27; more information can be found at: http://greaterknoxvilleheartwalk.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=295655)

Collaborations with other health professional students:

University of Tennessee Graduate Nutrition Student Association

University of Tennessee Nursing Program

Middle School Outreach:

Interactive in-class presentations to teach students ways to keep their pets healthy, learn how human and animal health is actually very similar, and learn fun ways to exercise with their pets.

"Book It With Your Pet" - encourage keeping log books of exercise activities, walking, or running with or without pets

Ideas to Involve Pets in Exercise Activities:

Dogs: running, jogging, walking around the neighborhood, playing frisbee, playing fetch with your dog (try to outrun your dog), biking

Cats: do sit-ups while shining a flashlight on the wall for them to jump around after, do stretches while dangling a piece of string for them to jump after, or just chase them around the house (in a playful way!)

                                Nutrition for Pets:


Check out the Body Condition Score of your Pet:  http://www.purina.com/dogs/health/bodycondition.aspx

Start your own Fitness Log!  An example is given below:

fitness log

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