Hair Removal Products

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Emjoi Optima Electronic Tweezer

5 stars

Emjoi Optima - $99.95

Our top rated epilator and tied for 1st overall in product rankings. The flagship item in Emjoi's strong lineup of hair removal products. More...

Revitol Hair Removal Cream

5 stars

Revitol Hair Removal Cream - $29.95

Tied for our #1 rated hair removal product, this cream is effective and pain-free. This is an excellent component in Revitol's line of quality skin care products. More...

Emjoi Gently Gold

4 stars

Emjoi Gently Gold Caress - $59.95

A solid performer. Not as pain-free as the top ratedOptima, but with 36 spinning discs this epilator gets the job done. More...

Philips Satin Ice Epilator

4 stars

Philips Satin Ice - $69.95

This epilator has a twist - freeze part of it ahead of time to reduce the pain. And to our surprise, it worked. More...

Emjoi Beauty Forever Hair Removal Device

3.5 stars

Emjoi Beauty Forever - $69.95

Emjoi's device uses RF technology as an alternative to invasive traditional electrolysis treatments. Time consuming but effective. More...

Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor

3.5 stars

Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor - $47.95

This product supplements other hair removal solutions by inhibiting the regrowth of hair. If used as directed, it works. More...

Verseo ePen

3 stars

Verseo ePen - $59.95

Like the Emjoi Beauty Forever, the Verseo ePen is designed to eliminate unwanted hair forever. But - no pain, no gain. More...

Epilady Legend

3 stars

Epilady Legend - $59.95

Our top-rated cordless epilator. Not as powerful as the others, but what you sacrifice in quality you gain in convenience. More...

Sharper Image e-Pen

2.5 stars

Sharper Image E-Pen - $69.95

Brings galvanic technology to home electrolysis. Not as painful as the Verseo ePen, but not quite as effective either. More...

Ultra Hair Away

2.5 stars

Ultra Hair Away - $49.95

Like the higher-rated Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor, this product is designed to supplement other hair removal solutions by limiting the regrowth of hair. More...

Waxing Kit

2 stars

Satin Smooth Waxing Starter Kit - $35.75

Everything you need to get started waxing. Comes with the wax, a warmer, skin preparation cleanser, residue remover, and a soother and nourisher. However, these days there are much better alternatives to waxing. More...

 Vector Electrolysis System

1.5 stars

Vector Home Electrolysis - $199.95

We didn't expect the most expensive solution to occupy last place in our rankings. Although this permanent-hair-removal product can be effective, it is not quick and not pain-free. More...

Hair Removal Product Ranking Criteria

Extensive analysis was performed on each of the hair removal products rated. Our study included research in the following areas:

  Product effectiveness
  Product longevity
  Product safety
  Product side effects
  Quickness of results
  Product success rate
  Product cost