Spiritual but not necessarily religious?  Know that there's more than western materialism?  Want to connect with others who are searching?  Ready to make a difference?  To grow?  Need support for re-birth, even though (maybe because) you might be older?  Stop a while and share.  Maybe we can help each other.  I'd love to hear from you  by E-Mail .  Check out my video on   YouTube.


I have nothing new to share. I have no new answers. My questions are as old as human awareness. My understanding is that we all know both the questions and the answers. You also are experiencing the moral bankruptcy of our culture and the lack of leadership and direction from what passes as the Christian churches. You too know there must be more. You know that if there is a God worthy of the name, S/he is a God of love, and that we are called to be more than just consumers and idiots, and that the materialism of our culture is literally killing us and even the whole world. 

I am very lucky. I am old enough to have experienced a lot, but am young enough to have energy and my wits still about me. (Some would say that this web-site negates that statement.) I am retired and have time and the means to give my life to what matters. I have absolutely no excuses but to do as I know is best. 

I have no illusions. I don’t expect millions to rally round me and change the world. But I hope that many of you will be helped and encouraged to become more than you are. What help and focus I can provide, I will. As you encourage me, make suggestions and offer yourselves to myself and each other, I will grown and find new answers as you question my questions and answers.

 Sharing my journey is Judy, my partner. And many friends. Some understand me and many do not. That’s OK. We can love and support each other even if we don’t really understand each other. I guess that ‘s what friendship means. Judy and I are literally ready to sail away, even around the world. We may never leave. It doesn’t matter if we do or don’t. Just having the freedom to do, and the commitment made to do as we feel we must, is the more important thing.

 Right now what is necessary is to take the time and space in our lives to be part of what is hopefully a challenge and change in the world, while it is still possible. If none of you respond, it will be obvious that I am alone and my WORD and presence is not needed, that I have misread the whole picture. I really hope that is indeed the case, for I’d really rather be wintering in the Azores or Egypt right now. Anyway, here I am. From here I invite you to go to several “arms”, each an avenue of, hopefully, hope, help and challenge.

 JOURNEY    This is an ongoing journal of my thoughts and experiences, reflections on official Christianity as we now experience it and how I hear God’s WORD calling the churches and all of us to task and change. This journal is organized by STEPS and I encourage you to begin at the start although each STEP can stand on its own.

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