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"In separateness lies the world's great misery,
in compassion lies the world's true strength."
- The Buddha

The One-State Vision and Foundational Principles of a Republic in Historic Palestine is imperative to dissolve the Jewish state of Israel. Such a state, which has no basis other than a fascistic narrative constructed out of paranoia and mythology, has
 no legitimacy in our world. It embodies all of the characteristics that humanity has resoundingly rejected in the last century - colonialism, racism, ethnic cleansing,
 apartheid and genocide. The dehumanization and destruction of a people, along with the dispossession of their land and property, is utterly intolerable. The only feasible
alternative is its replacement by a pluralistic, democratic state that includes the Palestinians as equals. There is no other viable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
~ Us vs Them: On the Meaning of Fascism, by Roger Tucker

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This Week's News and Commentary
Jul 28, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Israel’s Deliberate Trajectory Towards an Escalating Conflict, by Anthony Bellchambers

Israeli lawmaker says he wants to ‘execute’ the relatives of Palestinians who killed police officers

Hate PLC, by Gilad Atzmon

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act: Threat to Free Speech, by Ron Forthofer

Jonathan Freedland’s Trump Assassination Fantasy, by Andrew Joyce

NYT, Reuters, Economist journalists self-censor reports from Israel so as not to be ‘savagely targeted’

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

The Deep State, Now and Then, by Edward Curtin

The U.S. Hypocrisy of ‘Human Rights,’ by Todd Pierce

How CIA and Allies Trapped Obama in the Syrian Arms Debacle, by Gareth Porter

'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened” will blame her election loss on Russia and Comey (Video)

POTUS Trump Prepares For All Out War Against D.C. Swamp

House Passes New Russia Sanctions, Pumps Adrenaline Into Cold War 2.0, by Daniel McAdams

House GOP Seeks to Curb Yemen War, by Dennis Bernstein

Wasserman-Schultz’s IT golden boy, now under arrest, will retain lawyer with ties to Clinton family

Syrians aren't just rebuilding an ancient mosque in Aleppo – they are rebuilding their community, by Robert Fisk
Senator from bankrupt Connecticut earmarks $500 mil for Ukrainian Nazi medical care

Jul 27, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Foreign policy calls rest with neocon (Israel 1st) cell in White House, by Wayne Madsen

Sorry, American Jews, you don’t have a birthright, by Yossi Gurvitz

Fear and Trepidation in Tel Aviv: Is Israel Losing the Syrian War? by Ramzy Baroud

Netanyahu Reveals Details of Israeli Strikes, Bashes Allies in Leaked Recordings

The Headlines from Palestine

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Can the World Defend Itself from Omnicide? by Ralph Nader

The world’s lack of outrage over tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Mosul is shameful

A Global Movement to Confront Drone Warfare, by Medea Benjamin

Harvard professor says America and China are destined to go to war

52% Say US Would Lie About Foreign Chemical Weapons, by Grant Smith

Why America's Army Is Falling Apart, by Douglas Macgregor

Uruguay Tells US Drug War to Take a Hike, by John Grant

EU, France, and Germany Slam ‘illegal’ US sanctions bill on Russia

USA Today Poll: Americans split 42%-42% on impeaching Trump

The Democrats Are A Lost Cause, by Ted Rall

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s IT specialist, accused of hacking congressional computers, busted trying to flee US

The New Turkey: One Nation, Divisible, Under God

Painting the Irish Titanic Pink, by Aidan O'Brien


Cold records set in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Jul 26, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

America's Militarized Police: Made in Israel? by Philip Giraldi

Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians’ careers ‘suddenly stalled’ — Sullivan

Is Gaza-Sinai state a possibility for Palestinians? by Jonathan Cook

BDS ban: Five Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders denied entry to Israel for supporting Palestinian human rights

Boteach likens Jews pushing for Palestinian state to Jews who helped Nazis

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Ron Paul, US businesses and European states all oppose new sanctions on Russia

Trump Won't Be Cancelling World War 3 After All #Stand Down Mr Trump

When Barbara Lee doesn’t speak for me, by Norman Solomon

Feminism Co-opted, by Linda Ford

Rex Tillerson rumoured to be on verge of quitting as Secretary of State

Pitching the ‘Forever War’ in Afghanistan, by James Carden

The American Way of War, by Sheldon Richman

Trump Needs To Be Smart About How He Fires Mueller, by Kurt Schlichter

Jared Kushner's Testimonial to Stupidity and Unfitness — American and Russian, by John Helmer

Chuck Schumer admits Hillary Clinton’s loss was all about her lack of message, NOT Russia

Antonio Guterres – an instrument of Neocons

Re 'Dunkirk':  A British View of the 1943 Bombing of Hamburg


Extremely Nasty Climate Wake-Up, by Robert Hunziker

Snow in St Petersburg (Video)

Jul 25, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

On The Current International Zionist Smear Campaign, by Gilad Atzmon

Jerusalem hospital calls on int’l groups to stop ‘storming’ by Israeli forces

Israel first–First Amendment second, by Adam Garrie

Critics of U.S. ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ say even requests for information could expose citizens to penalties

More Than Three Hundred Israeli Violations Against Journalists This Year

Avishai’s prophetic ‘Tragedy of Zionism’ was denied by Jewish community 32 years ago

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Stephen F. Cohen: Someone In CIA "Running An Operation" Against Trump

VIPS: Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Full Interview) | NBC News

Iraq signs military cooperation agreement with Iran, Adam Garrie

EU To Retaliate "Within Days" If US Imposes New Sanctions On Russia, by Tyler Durden

Trump’s Foreign Policy Mishmash, by Gilbert Doctorow

A Top General Admits US Is in Syria Illegally and Russia Would Be Justified to Question Its Presence

Goodbye Past, Hello Future: Turkey 'Drifting' From NATO to Eurasia

How Rex Tillerson Turned the State Department Into a Ghost Ship, by Bob Dreyfuss

Trump Lets Iran Deal Live, But Signals He May Not for Long

Assange: 'CIA Not Only Armed Syrian Terrorists -It Paid Their Salaries'

Hezbollah, Syrian Air Force Team up to Expel al-Qaeda, ISIS From Lebanon


Amazonian Cold Snap Grips South America…Veteran Meteorologist Calls It “Spectacular”

Coldest July 13th in Saint John in at least 146 years

Jul 24, 2017
Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Every Israeli Should Read the Palestinian Assailant’s Last Will and Testament, by Gideon Levy

The Extremist Zionist Media Campaign Has Gone Too Far, by Richard Falk

The long and under-reported history of Judeo-Christian terror around Al-Aqsa

Israeli Settlers Attack Several Palestinian Towns, Erect New Outpost Near Ramallah

Palestine on brink of new Intifada, by Adam Garrie

Critics of U.S. ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ say even requests for information could expose citizens to penalties

Leaked: Netanyahu Tells European Leaders Concern for Palestinians is ‘Crazy’

National Forum for Scientists, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Billionaire In Panic Over Dems’ Self-Destruct, by Reza Fiyouzat

Top general admits Russia could easily kick the US out of Syria

Neocon CIA Director Pompeo’s Venom, by Stephen Lendman

At Every Door, by Kathy Kelly

The Unending Failure of the Afghan War, by Alon Ben-Meir

Trump Has Himself, Not Sessions, to Blame for the Limitless Mueller Investigation

'Refugees' Harass Women in Russian Nightclub, Are Promptly Beaten and Sent to Prison

Your Guide to Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci: Trump's New Commander of Communication

Target Trump: Use of Police State Tactics Is Un-American, by Shari Goodman

The Bloody ‘Liberation’ of Mosul, by Dennis Bernstein

Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto’s Toxic Relations, by Colin Todhunter

Jul 23, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Palestinians Appeal to ICC to Hasten Israel War Crime Investigation

Three Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli forces, hundreds injured

The Gaza Labyrinth: Two Palestinian Schoolmates Seek Unity in Cairo, by James Wall

The Spirit of ’68 Lives On: Zionism as racism, and the network of lies

100 Mosques in Sudan, People Around the World Show Solidarity with Al-Aqsa

National movement to silence BDS disguises itself in MA legislature as ‘No Hate in Bay State’ act

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

This Group Hopes to Push America toward Regime Change in Iran, by Ted Galen Carpenter

Trump: End the Syria War Now, by Eric Margolis

Jill Stein accuses DNC of election rigging and covering tracks with “ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories”

Lavrov Scoffs At Western Media: "Trump-Putin May Have Met Multiple Times... In The Bathroom, by Tyler Durden

Trump’s Slide into Endless-War Syndrome, by Ivan Eland

3 reasons the United States has lost the Middle East, by Adam Garrie

Farmworkers Protest EPA’s Pesticide Ruling, by Dennis Bernstein

Fatal Fallacies in the War on Terror, by A. Trevor Thrall
Red State, Blue State; Green State, Deep State, by Jeffrey St. Clair

5 weird conspiracy theories from CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Jul 22, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

What Israel is Really All About, by Ludwig Watzal

Sen. Schumer, 'Guardian of Israel,' Calls Anti-Zionism a Form of Anti-Semitism, by Alison Weir

Gertrude Stein's Complex Worldview: Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler? by Mark Weber

Jerusalem: 2 Palestinian teens shot dead by Israelis during protests

Review: 'The Ministry of Utmost Happiness': through eyes of an activist for Palestine

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Holding onto Nuclear Weapons: Dr. Ira Helfand speaks with Dennis Bernstein

Dr. Schweitzer’s Lost Message, by Cesar Chelala

Dismantling McCain's Disastrous Legacy Should Now Be Trump's Top Priority, by Tom Luongo

Saudi Arabia: the Kingdom Whose Name We Dare Not Speak At All, by Robert Fisk

The Dream to Destroy Iran-Nuke Accord, by Paul Pillar

Trying to Negotiate With the United States, by Brian Cloughley

The Mythos Meme of Choice, by Joseph Natoli

Russia’s Evolving Grand Eurasia Strategy: Will It Work? by Dmitri Trenin

Kremlin Slams 'Schizophrenic' Report of 'Secret' Putin-Trump Meeting, by Tyler Durden

The Gulf crisis: A battle of megalomaniacs, by James Dorsey

Venezuela Under Siege by U.S. Empire, by David Pear

Steve Pieczenik: Alex Jones Infowars

In the hospital, diagnosed with brain cancer, John McCain blasts Trump for halting weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS

Activists Challenge US Nukes in Germany; Occupy Bunker Deep Inside Nuclear Weapons Base, by John Laforge

Jul 21, 2017
Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

The Story behind the Jerusalem Attack: How Trump and Netanyahu Pushed the Palestinians into a Corner

'Kill Palestinians to Get Closer to God,' Israeli Rabbi Says

Israeli Premier Criticizes Ireland's Pro-Palestine Stance

'Kingdom of Olives and Ashes: Writers Confront the Occupation,' Review by Jim Miles

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

How Trump Defines the Future, by Alastair Crooke

New poll exposes massive gap between what Americans care about and what media care about

Working Toward Tripartite Racial Disunity - Maybe Not a Really Great Idea, by Fred Reed

Julian Assange praises Trump’s move to stop arming Salafists in Syria

C.A. Fitts and the Saker: The Emerging Multipolar World: Seeking a US Foreign Policy

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power emerges as central figure in Obama unmasking crimes

Gallows Humor Dept: Better Late Than Never! McCain Has Brain Cancer, 14 More Months to go!
(That psychopath, warmonger and traitor should have faced a firing squad decades ago but I guess we'll take what we can get)

Jul 20, 2017
Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for BDS, by Glenn Greenwald

The children of Nabi Saleh in Israeli prisons: a conversation with Bassem Tamimi

Israel Already Cooking up New Excuses to Bomb Syria

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Fracking Around with the Russians, by Philip Giraldi

US-Iran sanctions are a tit-for-tat measure that is part of a wider geo-strategic reality, by Adam Garrie

The Real Crimes of Russiagate, by Pat Buchanan

Official Declaration of the Malorossiyan Federation

'Practical Utopia' by Michael Albert: Preface by Noam Chomsky

More ‘fake news’: NO second secret G20 Trump-Putin summit meeting, by Alexander Mercouris

We will Continue to Advance Along the Path Freely Chosen by Our People, by Raul Castro

Detecting What Unravels Our Society – Bottom-up and Top-down, by Ralph Nader

Why ISIS Fighters are Being Thrown Off Buildings in Mosul, by Patrick Cockburn
NYC: That Night the Lights Went Out, by Michael Winship

How Seattle Voted to Tax the Rich

Fairy Tales and Globalisation: Bringing Up the Young in the Values and Virtues of Great Civilizations

It’s Official: Impeachment Resolution against President Donald J. Trump. H. RES. 438

Humor: U. of Iowa professor says white marble in classical artwork is racist and promotes “white supremacist ideas”

Fear and Trembling in the Workplace, by David Macaray

Jul 19, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Antisemitism is Merely a Business Plan, by Gilad Atzmon

Netanyahu Pushes Trump Toward Wider Wars, by Robert Parry

‘Irreplaceable bedrock’ of U.S. backing for Israel is threatened by — intermarriage, by Philip Weiss

Are Non-Jews Human? by Israel Shamir
(The real question is, judging by the standard of basic human decency, are the Israelis and their supporters human?)

The Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse, and collapse it should, by Luke Peterson

Russia tells Israel to “live with” the new Syrian ceasefire

'We need to cut their heads off,’ Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in ’06

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Obama’s AWOL Anti-War Protesters, by James Bovard

The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia, by Alastair Crooke

Obama administration “unmasking” scandal “goes beyond” key officials like Susan Rice

One week after Mosul’s “liberation,” horror of US siege continues to unfold, by Bill Van Auken

Gorbachev: “The Putin-Trump handshake in Hamburg is a historic opportunity: let’s not miss it”

What is Our Experience of our Flawed Democracy? by Robert Gould

Lavrov Tells US: Russia Won't Negotiate With Highway Bandits

Is This the Beginning of the End for John McCain? (Let's hope so), by Tom Luongo

Photos Of Aleppo Rising: Swimsuits, Concerts And Rebuilding In First Jihadi-Free Summer, by Tyler Durden

More Ukrainians See NATO as a Threat Than as Protection

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare, by James Dorsey

Jul 18, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Israel in Palestine as “Dysfunctional Judaism,” by Rima Najjar

Ruthless Israeli Harshness, by Stephen Lendman

Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees

Netanyahu Determined to Sabotage Syria Ceasefire, by Iqbal Jassat

Today in Palestine! The Headlines

‘You are thieves of history!’ Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them, by Jonathan Ofir

Israel Against Peace in Syria. Netanyahu Supports the Jihadists? by Mehmet Ersoy

Young survivors of Gaza beach slaughter three years ago ‘lost their minds,’ by Philip Weiss

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

On the Ascension to the Throne of Obama, by Tracy McLellan

Democrats Gone Mad: The Year of Living Stupidly, by Glen Ford

Mosul Photos — If Syrians and Russians Did This You'd Call It a War Crime
Who Should Be Held Responsible for the Cruel Bloodshed in Syria? by Martin Berger

Liu Xiaobo: the West’s Model Chinese, by Thomas Hon Wing Polin

Russia paranoid Congressman admits that Hillary Clinton and DNC colluded with Ukraine (Video)

On Nationalism, by Linh Dinh

Trump’s Embrace of the Saudi Crown Prince, and a Qatar Nightmare Scenario, by Gary Leupp

Why Trump's foreign policy is dangerous, by Hillary Mann Leverett

Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security, by Ron Paul

EU continues to support Al Qaeda and ISIS. Places sanctions on 16 Syrian scientists

The Logic in North Korean ‘Madness,’ by Col. Ann Wright (Ret'd)

Rival Jihadists Clash in Northwestern Syria, by Jason Ditz

Why is neoliberalism back in Latin America? by Dawisson Lopes

Jul 17, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

Roger Waters answers questions on his pro-Palestine position

Gaza and the Failure of the National Project, by Haidar Eid

Israel’s Endless Fake Victimhood, by Uri Avnery
The Victims of Gaza, by Cesar Chelala

Will Canada Have a Pro-Palestinian Major Party Leader, by Yves Engler

The Passing of Meg Laughlin: a Journalist Who Truly Cared for Truth and Justice, by Sami Al-Arian

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Trumping the Empire

Moral Corrosion of Drone Warfare, by Ray McGovern

The Cost of Not Having Single Payer: $1.4 Trillion Per Year, by Pete Dolack

CIA Director Pompeo Admits Convincing Trump Over Disproven Chem Weapons Attack In Syria

The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS And U.S. Efforts To Destabilize Iran, by Sarah Abed

Trump can sue psychiatrists who call him insane, by Adam Garrie

McCain Is Plotting Regime Change in Washington. When Will Trump Fight Back?

Russia-gate Report Ignored Iraq-WMD Lessons, by Scott Ritter

Russia Trumps Ecocide at the Petroleum Broadcasting System, by Paul Street
(A strong argument, albeit I remain skeptical about anthropogenic warming)

Fethullah Gulen is facing extradition to Turkey by Donald Trump, by Robert Fisk

Rex Tillerson’s Trials and Tribulations, by Paul Pillar

Alleged Instrument of the Kremlin: Plot to Remove Trump from Office, by Stephen Lendman

Is It Too Late for Germany? by Friedrich Zauner

Hannity presses for US Congress investigation into Ukraine and its election meddling (Video)

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead, by Tyler Durden

Jul 16, 2017

Israel, Zionism, Tribal Jewish Culture

How American Media Erase Palestine - Even Alternative Media, by Alison Weir

Israel Once Again Reveals Its Disdain for Freedom of the Press, by Richard Hardigan
The spirit of ’68 lives on! Palestine advocacy and the indivisibility of justice

What is 'Holocaust Denial'? by Barbara Kulaszka

Israel destroys Palestinian Solar project provided by Netherlands, from Peter Myers

My latest encounter with a stranger, by Rawan Yagh

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire

Neocons Enlist in Anti-Trump #Resistance, by James Carden

Donald Trump Junior’s account of meeting with Russian lawyer corroborated

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray: Seth Rich the likely leaker of DNC emails, from Peter Myers

Hezbollah Helped Save Syria From Complete Destruction — And We Should All Be Thankful

The Foolishness of Pursuing Regime Change in Iran, by Steve Chapman

Torture in the Service of the Nation, by Howard Lisnoff

Tucker Carlson interviews man who Bill Clinton sent to Russia in 1994 to meddle in Russian election

Russia Baiters and Putin Haters, by Patrick Buchanan

Lavrov Gives Quick History Lesson to Journalist Who Suggests Russia Has Violated NATO's Trust

US sanctions on Russia getting in the way of Japan’s oil exploration plans, sources say

Former PM Blair Should Be Prosecuted Over Iraq War, British High Court Hears

RI Proposes New NATO Flag Which Better Captures Its Diverse Values

Boycott, Divest, Sanction
  Global BDS Movement

These ‘Israelis’ will never debate any truth a Palestinian or other puts forth to them…. always deflect and distract. Why? Because they know,
 as they always have known and will forever know, they are living on stolen land and borrowed time.
Comment on “WAFA Issues Report on Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media”

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