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The One-State Vision and Foundational Principles of a Republic in Historic Palestine is imperative to dissolve the Jewish state of Israel. Such a state, which has no basis other than a fascistic narrative constructed out of paranoia and mythology, has
 no legitimacy in our world. It embodies all of the characteristics that humanity has resoundingly rejected in the last century - colonialism, racism, ethnic cleansing,
 apartheid and genocide.. ~ Us vs Them: On the Meaning of Fascism, by Roger Tucker

"Sadly, the last thing that people want to hear is the truth" ~ Anon
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This Week's News and Commentary
March 18, 2018
The Anti-Empire Report #156, by William Blum  [Go]

Tread on Russia at Your Peril, by The Saker  [Go]

War Is On The Horizon, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

The jingoistic fear of Russia is out of control, by Brendan O’Neill  [Go]

Russia Desires Respect and Cooperation, Not to Bankrupt the U.S.  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet, by Alison Weir  [Go]

'The Founding Myths of Modern Israel' by Roger Garaudy
AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and ‘Washington Post,’ by Philip Weiss  [Go]

Rachel Corrie Remembered 15 Years on (Videos)

Where the streets have no name: Israel leaves Palestinians in postal ‘dark age’

Israeli forces attack Palestinian medics aiding injured youth (Video)

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

Will Washington Launch a "False Flag" on Russia's Election Day? by Mike Whitney  [Go]

Moscow plays the game and raises Britain one
Murder Most Foul in Britain, by Eric Margolis  [Go]
Zakharova blows apart poisoning hoax: US should “be put under question”  [Go]

School Shootings: Who to Listen to Instead of Mainstream Shrinks, by Bruce Levine

The Syrian war could still be raging in four years' time unless the US and Russia agree to end it

US Revives Debunked Electrical Grid Hacking Charges Against Russia, by Jason Ditz

Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-Up, by Lee Smith

Trump's Tariff Travesty Will Not Re-Industrialize the US, by Michael Hudson

Anatomy of American Propaganda – all it takes is a name

The Tip of the Iceberg: My Lai Fifty Years On, by Michael Uhl
Why Vietnam Still Matters: Bernard Fall Dies on the Street Without Joy, by Matt Stevenson  [Go]
Behind Colin Powell’s Legend – My Lai, by Robt Parry and Norman Solomon  [Go]

March 17, 2018
Killing Diplomacy, by Dmitry Orlov  [Go]

US Political Meddling is Very Real, Spans the Globe, by Ulson Gunnar  [Go]

Retired US Colonel: Israel is Dragging the United States into World War III  [Go]

Lies Can Lead To War, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

Are Trump's Moves a Springtime for Neoconservatism? by Jacob Heilbrunn  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support !!

Israeli parliament endorses final version of ‘Jewish nation-state bill,' by Jonathan Cook

FARA Registration for AIPAC and Congress Is In Our Interest, by Philip Giraldi

Is Jared Kushner’s Leap To Power A Jewish Success Story — Or A Tragedy? by Peter Beinart  [Go]
Is Jared Kushner on his way out of the White House?  [Go]

Students from across the Universities of California call on regents to divest from Israeli human rights abuses

Polish priest sparks outrage after claiming ‘truth’ to Jews is ‘whatever serves their own interests’  [Go]

Blood Passover: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder, by Ariel Toaff 

For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move, by Philip Weiss  [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

War Drums Along the Potomac, by James Howard Kunstler  [Go]

Be Prepared, Iran, Because They Want to Destroy You, by Brian Cloughley
'Bomb Iran and Execute Snowden': Pompeo's Foreign Policy Rhetoric  [Go]

‘Hostiles’ and Hollywood’s Untold Story, by Jada Thacker  [Go]

Trump’s new CIA director is so evil, even DC swamp creatures refer to her as “Bloody Gina”  [Go]

The Myth of a Neo-Imperial China, by Pepe Escobar  [Go]

The farcical reality behind Theresa May’s “novichok” story
Jeremy Corbyn, the Voice of Reason on Russia, by William Cooper  [Go]
France, Germany, US, UK say Salisbury incident a violation of UK’s territorial integrity by Russia  [Go]
NATO uses UK poisoning hoax to push for conflict with Russia (Video)  [Go]

Trump to fire National Security Adviser McMaster as personalist circle tightens  [Go]

Maidan icon Savchenko faces arrest after claiming top Ukraine official ‘led snipers to central Kiev’

Tom Donohue Warns President Trump Against Trade Action Toward China  [Go]

March 16, 2018

The U.S. Threatens to Bomb Syria While Putin Promises to Retaliate, by Mike Whitney  [Go]

Will Russia Wake Up? The West Seeks Its Destruction, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam, by Craig Murray  [Go]

The Neocon Full Court Press For War is Here, by Tom Luongo  [Go]

How the Iraq War Destabilized the Entire Middle East, by Mel Goodman  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

Palestine Faces Genocide: Israel Deserves Its Pariah Status, by Firoz Osman  [Go]

Ahed Tamimi and the Pathology of the Israeli Mind, by Dana Visalli

There is No Peace in Palestine because Dems and Trump Are Historically Illiterate, by Rima Najjar  [Go]

Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy, by Philip Weiss  [Go]

Archbishop Hanna: Palestinians Do Not Accept Any Deal at Their Expense  [Go]

Roger Waters Recites Verses by Mahmoud Darwish in New Song (Video)  [Go]

Israel bars Arab MPs from speaking engagements abroad, as part of BDS crackdown [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

When dealing with a bear, hubris is suicidal, by the Saker  [Go]

The Skripal poisoning: What lies behind UK-US ultimatums against Russia?
Britain, Israel, and the US Have a Far Worse Record of Assassination than Russia, by Mike Walsh  [Go]
Skripal poisoning - suspect Mossad, from Peter Myers  [Go]
Nikki Haley lays down foundation for war with Russia,  by Alex Christoforou  [Go]

Acceptable Bigotry and Scapegoating of Russia, by Natylie Baldwin  [Go]

Further Signs of More War: A Most Dangerous Game, by Edward Curtin  [Go]

The Fog of War in America, by William Astore  [Go]

‘Godmother of Torture’ Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA, by John Kiriakou  [Go]
Torture-Tainted Nominations Recall Failure to Prosecute Bush-Era Abuses, by Nat Parry  [Go]

Syria's war of ethnic cleansing, by Patrick Cockburn  [Go]

Former PR in Geneva warns Sri Lanka at the mercy of UN-US project

Trump Suggests Withdrawing Troops From South Korea Over Trade Issues, by Jason Ditz  [Go]

March 15, 2018
Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington? by PCR  [Go]

Intel Committee Rejects Basic Underpinning of Russiagate, by Ray McGovern  [Go]

Trump’s Trade War – or De-Globalization? by Peter Koenig  [Go]

Are We Living Under a Military Coup? by John Grant  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

Global Holocaust-Deniers Bill Passed In Knesset  [Go]
Poland's Leaders Barred From White House Meetings Over Holocaust Law  [Go]

What's in Al Jazeera's Undercover Film on the US Israel Lobby? by Asa Winstanley  [Go]

American Jews need Israel to be safe — megadonor Paul Singer, by Philip Weiss

Netanyahu is in Deep Trouble, Assad is About to Make Strategic Mistake, by Ekaterina Blinova

Jewish Groups and US Politicians Condemn Russia's President For Remarks on Jews  [Go]

Leader in Jewish group banned from Labour Party office  [Go]

Pedaling for Palestine: 20 cities around the world demand UCI and Giro d’Italia #RelocateTheRace

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

‘US-Russia relations may get a lot worse with Pompeo as Secretary of State’  [Go]
The Koch Brothers Get Their Very Own Secretary of State, by John Nichols  [Go]
The CIA’s new nominee director Gina Haspel once ran a torture site and destroyed evidence  [Go]

Chief of Russian General Staff Says Will Target US Aircraft if Strikes on Syrian Army Endanger His Men

The Strange Case of the Russian Spy Poisoning, by James O’Neill  [Go]
Theresa May expels 23 Russian diplomats, as Deep State false flag poisoning serves its purpose  [Go]
Western intel agencies likely behind Russian Spy Poisoning, from Peter Myers  [Go]
Lavrov: “I simply don’t have any normal terms left to describe all this.”  [Go]

The CIA Democrats: Part three, by Patrick Martin  [Go]
Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a boycott of Kremlin-backed TV channel Russia Today

Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons, by Peter Korzun  [Go]

Countering Extremism: Jihadist Ideology Reigns Supreme, by James Dorsey  [Go]

Trump Promotes Longtime Russia Hawk Just as Russiagate Loses Momentum, by Caitlin Johnstone  [Go]

Hillary Clinton: Blame the men!  [Go]

HMS Blighty Shipping Water, Badly, by Kenneth Surin  [Go]

March 14, 2018
In The Western World Insanity Reigns, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

House Intel Committee: No evidence of collusion with Russia (Video)  [Go]

The Marketplace of Ideas: Assaulting the First Amendment, by Stanley Cohen  [Go]

Christopher Steele As Seen By The New Yorker, by Philip Giraldi  [Go]

Google Isn’t Part Of The Government And Can Therefore Censor Whoever It Wants?  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

From Gaza to Jerusalem, by Haidar Eid  [Go]

The Headlines from Palestine  [Go]

The March to Jerusalem, by Gilad Atzmon
I am Back in Beirut, by Gilad Atzmon  [Go]

Pressure mounts over psychoanalysts’ 2019 conference, slated for Tel Aviv, by Alice Rothchild  [Go]

How Do I Hate Thee, AIPAC? Let Me Count the Ways, by Rima Najjar

As Trump administration finalizes peace plan, Palestinian ambassador calls US embassy opening a ‘media stunt’

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

World War 3 Is Approaching, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]
Skripal crisis: Russia rejects UK ultimatum; demands chemical samples  [Go]
Sergei Skripal, Salisbury and the Dangerously Hysterical Response of the British Government  [Go]
What Secretary of State Tillerson’s Firing Means, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]
Punishing Putler, by Anatoly Karlin  [Go]

Man Cited As Trump's "Russian Link" Actually Works For The FBI, by Tyler Durden  [Go]

The New Color Line: American Suicide Is In The Cards, by PCR  [Go]

Talking Sense About Immigration, by Aviva Chomsky

The CIA Democrats (Part two), by Patrick Martin

Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine? by Robert Parry  [Go]

War against Corbyn to make possible war against Russia
Why doesn’t the BBC think a plot to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn is headline news?  [Go]

New study shows that 5 of the world’s most violent cities are in the USA

9 People You Will Definitely Meet in Hell - an Indian Perspective, by Rakesh Simha

March 13, 2018

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: partners together, now and for a further Presidential term  [Go]

Jordan Peterson's Queen's University Talk: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech (Video)  [Go]

Clinton Charity Fraud Biggest Scandal in US History – Kevin Shipp, by Greg Hunter  [Go]

The CIA Democrats: Part one, by Patrick Martin  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

The European Union must act to end its complicity with illegal Israeli settlements

Israel ‘made a desert bloom’ — and I helped — Kamala Harris to AIPAC, by Philip Weiss  [Go]

The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem  [Go]

From an Israeli prison, Khalida Jarrar salutes feminists struggling for justice the world over  [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

NBC’s Clueless Boost for Putin, by Ray McGovern  [Go]
PCR: Megyn Kelly, as silly as she is, has ended up being a conveyer of Russian truth to Americans  [Go]

Child Bride Trafficking, a State Right? by John Kiriakou  [Go]

Syrian army achieves breakthrough in East Ghouta, by Alexander Mercouris

Poul Thomsen, Greece and the cynicism of the IMF, by Daniel Munevar  [Go]

Hague Tribunal Exonerates Slobodan Milosevic, Again  [Go]

Theresa May To Blame Russia For Nerve Gas Attack; "Full Spectrum" Of Sanctions To Follow  [Go]

Army document: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3  [Go]

Tell Congress: Stop Fueling War in Yemen  [Go]

Technology Transfer to China, from Peter Myers

Australia turning out to be the biggest meddler in the US election, by Monica Showalter  [Go]

The Skripal Case: an open thread

Comprador Elites, by Anatoly Karlin

The F-35 Lightning: Half of them don’t fly, they cost way too much, and the US ordered a whole lot of them  [Go]

March 12, 2018

Putin’s Missiles: Deterring an American Attack? by Israel Shamir  [Go]

“Fake News” and World War III: The Danger of Nuclear Annihilation, by Michel Chossudovsky  [Go]

Pollution, Invasive Species & Mass Extinction: 20,000 Scientists 'Warn Humanity' The End Is Nigh  [Go]

The Illusion of War Without Casualties, by Nicolas J.S. Davies  [Go]

Ode to America, by William Hawes  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

When Left is Right: How Palestinians Can Burst Israel’s Political Bubble, by Amjad Iraqi  [Go]

Bitter Tantrums and Buried History, by Max Denken

Hassan Nasrallah Pays Tribute to Ahed Tamimi; NBC News Calls it the ‘Slap Heard ‘Round the World’  [Go]

Are Yemeni kids, like Palestinian kids, children of a lesser God? by Stuart Littlewood  [Go]

US university demands Palestinian academic not criticize Israel in speech  [Go]

Israel legalizes withholding bodies of dead Palestinians  [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

US Meddling in Foreign Elections: A CIA Tradition Since 1948, by Wayne Madsen  [Go]

Who’s Afraid of Talking With Kim Jong Un? by Jonathan Marshall  [Go]

Syrian Trappist nuns say Western powers and factional media fuel war propaganda  [Go]

Confident Putin Says 'So What!?' 9X to Megan Kelly, Ridicules US Behavior  [Go]

Assange destroys UK lies about free speech with Saudi secret deal tweet  [Go]

In Photos: White Helmets Media Studio Producing “Evidence of Assad Regime War Crimes”  [Go]

Four Senators Call for Tillerson to Enter into Arms Control Talks with the Kremlin  [Go]

End Times Coming? by Andrew Levine  [Go]

The most important part of Putin’s March 1st speech  [Go]

Rigged? NYFed Slams Study Showing Alleged Collusion Between Fed, Banks Around FOMC Meetings

Trump invited Russian President to 2013 Miss Universe pageant…taking place in Moscow  [Go]

The Italian Job, by Pepe Escobar  [Go]

March 10, 2018
The newly revealed Russian weapons systems, by the Saker  [Go]

Washington's Century-Long War on Russia, by Mike Whitney  [Go]

America’s Troll Farm Media, by Gerald Sussman  [Go]

Those Who Controlled the Past Should Not Control the Future, by Norman Solomon  [Go]

God Wills It! The War on Terror as the Launching of an American Crusade, by J. Carroll  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

‘I Don’t Hate Myself’: How I Became an anti-Israel Jew, by Marika Sherwood

Gideon Levy on Israeli denial: ‘Anyone who raises a question is demolished’

US Embassy to Israel Will Be Based in Occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem  [Go]
Philistines “Disappointed” by Revelation of New Israelite Stone-Slinging Deterrent  [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

Trump’s Travesty of Protectionism, by Michael Hudson  [Go]

China's New Red Emperor, by Eric Margolis  [Go]
Gang of Four: Senators Call for Tillerson to Enter into Arms Control Talks with the Kremlin  [Go]

Time to Get Over the Russophobia, by Patrick Buchanan
Anti-Russia campaign follows alleged poisoning of former UK/Russian double agent and daughter  [Go]
The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC  [Go]

While the world looks to Eastern Ghouta, civilians in Afrin are being slaughtered in their hundreds  [Go]

Language and Empathy in Cambodia, by Linh Dinh  [Go]

Julian Assange demolishes Obama’s corrupt former Attorney General for pushing war with Russia

Trump and a Lifetime Presidency, by Robert Fantina

More Non-existent Job Growth Reported, by PCR and D. Kranzler 

"Extraordinary Number" Of Ex-CIA Operatives Are Running For Congress As Democrats 

Slave Labor, Deforestation and Greed Create Crisis in Brazilian Countryside

Contrary to Reason, by George Monbiot

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas, by Viktor Katona  [Go]

Pakistan struggles to get a grip on militancy and ultra-conservatism, by James Dorsey

March 10, 2018
The True Flag:  A Short History of American Empire, by Stephen Kinzer [Go]

The Impossibility of American Empire, by William Pfaff 

Why the West Cannot Stomach Russians, by Andre Vltchek

The New Blacklist, by Matt Taibbi  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet, by Alison Weir  [Go]

Netanyahu, Trump discuss war preparations against Iran, by Bill Van Auken

The amended ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ is still unconstitutional, and still must be stopped

Free Ahed Tamimi and all Palestinian Children (Video)  [Go]

Bibi does Broadway, by Sam Bahour  [Go]

How Antisemitsm Became Noise, by Gilad Atzmon  [Go]

How Many Jews Died in the German Concentration Camps? by Carl Nordling  [Go]
Zionism and the Third Reich, by Mark Webe[Go]

NYT 'free speech advocate' reportedly helped bring down a Columbia dean over ‘intellectual heresy’  [Go]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

Why Russia Will Bury the USA: Men in America, on Tucker Carlson  [Go]
Fat, Unhealthy Americans Threaten Trump's Defense Surge [Go]

The Dangerous Course of US Foreign Policy, with Mark Weber (Video)  [Go]

Top US Pentagon officials “disappointed” Russia has developed weapons to defend against NATO  [Go]

The Ever-Changing ‘Russia Narrative’ Is False Public Manipulation, by Oleg Deripaska  [Go]

Washington Just Blew Up a Latvian Bank As Part of Its Financial War on Russia  [Go]

The Coming Backlash Against the Pentagon’s Hybrid War in Syria, by M.K. Bhadrakumar  [Go]

Google Admits Working for Pentagon's Drone Murder Program, by Andre Damon

Foreign Government Lobbying is an Abomination and Should Be Eradicated Immediately (1)  [Go]

The Zen of Donald Trump continues to confound the left, by Timothy Philen

We Should Listen to the Iraqi Parliament: US Troops Should Leave, by Ron Paul  [Go]
Time for America to Declare Victory in Syria and Come Home, by Doug Bandow  [Go]

Democrat Senators urge strategic nuclear arms talks with Russia  [Go]

Mar 9, 2018
The U.S. Is a Failed State, by Paul Yesse  [Go]

Putin Says "US Political System Eating Itself Up"  [Go]

Wall Street Sells Subprime History, by Aidan O'Brien  [Go]

Make-Believe America, by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

The Nat'l Endowment for (Meddling in) Democracy, by Daniel Lazare  [Go]

Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

Time For AIPAC To Register as a Foreign Agent, by M. J. Rosenberg
VP Pence at AIPAC Vows Iran Nuke Deal to End 'Immediately' If Not 'Fixed'  [Go]
Washington delivers new ultimatum on Iran, by Bill Van Auken  [Go]

Israeli left leader praises Trump and bewails ‘Palestinian majority’ and ‘Palestinian narrative’

Palestinian Women Between the Bitterness of Occupation and the Dream of Freedom

The Only Jewish Ghetto in the Middle East, by Gilad Atzmon

The Headlines from Palestine

Zionism is at Heart of the Palestinian Tragedy, by Rima Najjar

In Gaza, by Rawan Yaghi

The Future of the Jews: More of the Past? by Fred Reed
[See also this and this]

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire 
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

Reversing the Tide of War and Globalization, by
Michel Chossudovsky  [Go]

Five days after Putin’s warning about the dangers of western warmongering & this is where we are

Russia's Wonder Weapons — How Far Along Are They? Do They Even Exist? by Anatoly Karlin  [Go]
Syria update: Syrian army advances in East Ghouta; Turkish army advances in Afrin  [Go]

False Alarms and Exaggerated Threats, by John Laforge  [Go]

All Fire and Fury in Ukraine, by Greg Maybury

So You’re Calling For Gun control Huh? (Video)

Tucker Carlson destroys neocon John Bolton for wanting to go to war with Iran (Video)

May describes concerns over humans rights violations as “mansplaining”  [Go]

Canada’s Envy: Russia and China, by Cameron Pike

Mar 8, 2018
Better Nukes for a Safer Planet, by Dmitry Orlov  [Go]

AIPAC Returns to Washington, by Philip Giraldi  [Go]

USA: the Political Economy of Massacres, by J. Petras  [Go]

The Cult of Authority, by CJ Hopkins  [Go]
Israel, Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics
The Jewish Problem - More Problematic Than Ever

How Zionist is the New World Order, by Laurent Guyénot  [Go]

The AIPAC Conference
US Politicians Rush to Pay Homage to Their Leige Lords  [Go]

From Mondoweiss:
Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC, by Philip Weiss  [Go]
With chutzpah, Israel’s Netanyahu warns of Iran at AIPAC, by Allison Deger  [Go]
Nine reasons Israel is not a ‘progressive paradise,’ by Hamzah Raza  [Go]

Why the Youth in Palestine Must Break Free from Dual Oppression, by Ramzy Baroud  [Go]

The Extremist Origins of "Education and Sharing Day"  [Go]

Insane Aggression on Display, by Gilad Atzmon

The Decline and Fall of the USraeli Empire
"Those the gods would destroy they first make mad"

America’s Painful Self-delusion, by Allen Marshall

A Stalinist Purge In America? by Paul Craig Roberts  [Go]

Syria: US-backed Kurds brace for dramatic escalation of Turkish invasion, by Patrick Cockburn
Erdogan Vows Not to Cancel S-400 Deal Despite Likely Sanctions  [Go]

Two Russians poisoned; Britain goes mad, by Alexander Mercouris
Heritage’s Corporate Lobby Inside Trump’s Government is Not the People’s Heritage, by R. Nader

Tomgram: Will an AR-15 Succeed Where the American Dream Failed? by Belle Chesler

Rolling Into Cambodia, by Linh Dinh  [Go]

US threatens hostility while Koreans seek common ground  [Go]

The Starvation of Yemen and the Saudis’ ‘Cynical P.R. Exercise,’ by Daniel Larison
Trump is Enabling Brutal Repression in Bahrain, by Doug Bandow  [Go]

Normalizing Extinction, by Kenn Orphan  [Go]

Reddit CEO in hot water for concealing Russian troll activity

Boycott, Divest, Sanction
  Global BDS Movement

These ‘Israelis’ will never debate any truth a Palestinian or other puts forth to them…. always deflect and distract. Why? Because they know,
 as they always have known and will forever know, they are living on stolen land and borrowed time.
Comment on “WAFA Issues Report on Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media”

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