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"In separateness lies the world's great misery,
in compassion lies the world's true strength."
- The Buddha

The One-State Vision and Foundational Principles of a Republic in Historic Palestine is imperative to dissolve the Jewish state of Israel. Such a state, which has no basis other than a fascistic narrative constructed out of paranoia and mythology, has
 no legitimacy in our world. It embodies all of the characteristics that humanity has resoundingly rejected in the last century - colonialism, racism, ethnic cleansing,
 apartheid and genocide. The dehumanization and destruction of a people, along with the dispossession of their land and property, is utterly intolerable. The only feasible
alternative is its replacement by a pluralistic, democratic state that includes the Palestinians as equals. There is no other viable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
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This Week's News and Commentary
Dec 10, 2016

Now that  the election is over, it is now time to go after the lesser-evil, street hustler, slimeball, robber baron, egomaniac Drumpster. He will no doubt  accelerate the Decline and Fall of the American Empire, a consummation  devoutly to be wished. Once the deplorables get over their "Fuck You" rush they are likely to get really riled up about what they will see as a betrayal and there will be hell to pay. One thing's for sure, things are going to get really interesting. Perhaps we could become a decent country again after about 150 years, when we first switched to the dark side by invading Mexico, one that inspires and benefits the world rather than raping and destroying it. Hope Springs eternal!

Trump's Bait and Switch: How to Swamp Washington and Double-Cross Your Supporters Big Time, by Nomi Prins

Thinking Dangerously in the Age of Normalized Ignorance, by Henry Giroux

Donald Trump's mobster mentality, by Paul Waldman

Ipsos Poll: U.S. Voters Want 'Strong Leader' to End Advantage of Rich and Powerful

Feeling our way to the way out, by Clancy Sigal

Burn the flag on inauguration day! by William Hathaway

Syria Tragedy: Saudis and Israel Hold Puppet Strings of US Mideast Policy, by Robert Parry

Why a Texas rabbi keeps losing a debate over Israel with a white nationalist leader, by Jonathan Ofir

Obama decides to lift restrictions on weapon supplies to Jihadis in Syria

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Smokes CNN Shill: 'US Is Funding Terrorists' in Syria, by Enrico Braun

Stephen Cohen: Mainstream Media Shutting Down Russia Debate with 'New McCarthyism'

Hillary Clinton comes out of hiding to push the “fake news” lie and crack down on “Russian propaganda”

Anti-9/11-truth propaganda film “Sully” was produced by Steven Mnuchin, by Kevin Barrett

General Petraeus Wouldn't Survive 'Celebrity Apprentice' Because He's an Incompetent Phony, by Ray McGovern

Legal experts back Palestinian BDS as 'free expression'

‘Madness must end’: US lawmakers introduce bill to cut aid & funding for terrorists

Russia-Hating, Jewish TV Host Attacks Congressman Rohrabacher, Bashes Russia (Bianna Golodryga)

Italian Voters Dealt EU Serious Blow - Trump to Push Europe Toward Moscow, by Tyler Durden

Palestinians in Lebanon remember Palestine, by Celia Peterson

Brazil’s real House of Cards continues, by Guilherme Schneider

Dec 9, 2016

Is Peace Possible? A Dialogue With Johan Galtung On Ukraine; Trump, Putin, And… by Gary Corseri

The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth and Power, by James Petras

Why Everything You've Read About Syria and Iraq Could be Wrong, by Patrick Cockburn

US Comedienne Samantha Bee Does 'Fake News' in Moscow, Get's Owned by Hoaxers, by Robert Gardner

Great Singing by Flashmob in Ukraine's Breakaway Republic

It’s junket season again in Massachusetts, by Nancy Murray

Neocon Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urges President-elect Trump to “take a much tougher tone towards Russia”

IDF map of Hezbollah positions revealed as fabrication

Its Own Report Data Indicates Pentagon's Slaughter of 100 Syrian Troops in Deir ez-Zor Was Deliberate, by Adam Hill

Wikileaks and The Press Project exposes Erdogan’s connection to ISIS oil trade

Creepy London Times Moron Cyber-Stalks Leading UK Russia Expert

Dec 8, 2016

Did FDR Lure Japan Into Attacking Pearl Harbor? by Eric Margolis
Julian Assange issues statement, destroys Sweden’s rape case

Groundswell for Ellison signals end of the era of political assassination by Israel lobby, by Philip Weiss

Only 3 troops clap for Obama during his last security speech as president

Dopey Neocon Bootlicker and NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg Strikes Again at Oxford Union, by Filip Kovacevic

Hold Your Applause, Fatah: The Palestinian Body Politic is Rotten to the Core, by Ramzy Baroud

The Headlines from Palestine

Disgraceful MSM Desperate to Derail Rise of Populism in Europe,by Paul Kaiser

Trump's New Foreign Policy: 'We Will Stop Looking to Topple Regimes'

With the Fake News Stunt, the Deep State Just Gets Deeper, by Howard Kunstler

Steve Bannon as the President-Elect's Strategist Plots "An Entirely New Political Movement"

Is John Kerry a Liar or Just Stupid? - Lavrov's Patience Wearing Thin

Italy: the Power of the People

Rethinking trade policy and protectionism in the Trump era, by Martin Khor

Dec 7, 2016

Iranophobes on Parade: Will Iran be the target of the Trump regime? by Philip Giraldi

Cheryl Chumley “Police State USA: Orwell’s Nightmare,” by Eric Gajewski

US reactions to the death of Fidel Castro, by Lawrence Davidson

Israeli legislators advance bill to legalise outposts

(NYT) How Stable are Democracies? 'Warning Signs are Flashing Red'

‘Secret Diplomacy’ behind the Heart of Asia Conference

Syria's army tightens grip on key Aleppo district

Cameroon’s Pygmies Tortured and Expelled to Build Rothschilds Elephant Hunting Zoo, by Gordon Duff

Sioux leader urges Dakota pipeline protesters to leave

Dec 6, 2016

Is Donald Trump Really Only a Showman Who Will Prepare the USA for War? by The Saker

Are we living through a revolution or a reaction? by Come Carpentier

On Politics, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

This Is How Corbyn Plans to Win British Workers, by Gilad Atzmon

More than half of US aid ‘to entire world’ goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements — Kerry

The Profound Disappointment of Angela Merkel, by John Chuckman

Throwing a tantrum like this plays into the Israel lobby’s hands, by Stuart Littlewood

Bill to censor ‘Russian propaganda’ news websites passes House

Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy, by Elias Akleh

Fake News: InfoWars Reports Fake Trump Assassination Website, by Gordon Duff

Former German editor Udo Ulfkotte: German journalists are puppets of the CIA and the New World Order

Syrian Army Liberates From Al-Qaeda-Linked ‘Opposition’ Six Districts in Aleppo City

Protesters celebrate as army halts Dakota pipeline work

In Emotional Outburst, Russia Just Accused the US of Murdering Its Doctors in Aleppo, by Dean Parker

Dec 5, 2016

Zionism's Jewish Enemy: Alan Hart Interviews Prof. Ilan Pappe

The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency, by F. William Engdahl

Atzmon: ‘The Israeli Lobby dominates American, British and French foreign affairs’

Disgraceful US Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, by Stephen Lendman

Make No Mistake, Russia Remains the Only Target of NATO’s Nuclear Weapons, by Brian Cloughley

Trump’s Possible Path Out of Ukraine Crisis, by Jonathan Marshall

Lehava: Israel’s ‘racist lynch mobs’ attacking Arabs

Kerry's Last Diplomatic Push on Aleppo: Another US Deception? by Stephen Lendman

The Fake News Meme is an Amateurish, Soros-Funded PsyOp Which Backfired

Turnbull & Trudeau anti-BDS & pro-Apartheid Israel, by Gideon Polya

Snowden blasts US “two-tiered system of justice”. Petraeus “disclosed more highly classified” information

Zhirinovsky Gave an Excellent, Prophetic Speech About Ukraine - in 1998! by Paul Kaiser

The US Navy is Spending Money Like a Drunken Sailor, by Jonathan Marshall

Italy gets rid of Renzi. Globalist “rat pack” is out. New world order is in.

Dec 4, 2016

Warmongering Western Media Are The True Masters of Fake News, by Jay Dye

Kerry asks for ceasefire in Aleppo; Lavrov calls Kerry’s bluff, demands concrete proposals

Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church sacks Palestinian archbishop

John Pilger's new film: The Coming War on China

Donald Trump is assembling the richest administration in modern American history

Michael Flynn’s Dangerous Goal of Regime Change, by Daniel Larison

Bogus CIA-Backed NGO 'White Helmets' NAILED AGAIN in Shocking Fake Video

Russia Again Disciplines The Wannabe Sulta (Moon of Alabama)

Dec 3, 2016

Why The Israel-Palestine Issue Is Important For Americans

What can go wrong? by William Blum

Killing People, Breaking Things, and America's Winless Wars, by Nick Turse

Warmongering Western Media Are The True Masters of Fake News, by Jay Dyer

Trump Selects Retired Marine Gen."Mad-Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense

Phoenix Unlikely to Rise from Democratic Party’s Ashes, by Ben Tanosborn

Turkey and the Next War, by Philip Giraldi

The Arabs Did It, by Uri Avnery

Noam Chomsky: EU may fall apart due to failed neo-liberal policies

Media Hype Bogus Hate Crime Study By 'Southern Poverty Law Center'

Angry Europe: “Revolt” visits Italy (and Austria). But where is it going?

Italy, EU and Trump: Alexander Dugin interviews Matteo Salvini

News From The Breakaway Republics, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Blackmail Octopus, by Gordon Duff

In France, 'Holocaust Denier' Faurisson Is Once Again Convicted

Dec 2, 2016

Peter Lavelle: The mainstream media’s politics of illegitimacy
Stephen F. Cohen: False Narratives, Not ‘Fake News,’ Are the Real Cold-War Problem
CNN Goes Full Retard on Alex Jones, by David Curry

Donald Trump’s staff are drawn from an opaque network of corporate-funded thinktanks and fake grassroots campaigns, by George Monbiot
Trump Ran as a Populist but Will Govern as an Oligarch, by Robert Reich

White House Insists Warmonger Obama Has Lived up to Ideals of Nobel Prize, by Charlie Spiering
War Criminals Brzezinski and Kissinger To Be Honored By Nobel Institute, by Jan Oberg
Famous Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright Urges All-out War in Syria, by Rudy Panko

Vladimir Putin calls Erdogan, forces Turkey to back down against Assad

NYT Columnist Paul Krugman Is A Paranoid Crank - Says Putin And Comey 'Installed' Trump

A major setback for the Middle East peace process, by Stuart Littlewood

UK Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson assures Zionist lobby of his unconditional support of Israel

Ukraine Still the Most Corrupt Country in Europe, by Anatoly Karlin

IRmep seeks federal court injunction against billions in pending foreign aid payments to Israel

New anti-Semitism legislation may stifle campus activism for Palestinian rights Activism, by Annie Robbins

Trump and Putin 2017: A Hedge Fund Investor's View From Moscow, by Kenneth Rapoza

Putin's State of the Nation: We Will Decide Our Own Fate

Welcome to the Fillon-Le Pen Cage Match, by Pepe Escobar

Arafat started the fires! by Hatim Kanaaneh

Dec 1, 2016

Obama extends global reach of US Special Operations death squads, by Patrick Martin

2017: year of rapprochement between Russia and the West, by Guilherme Schneider

The enemy within, by Paul Robinson

Fidel Castro: dictator or revolutionary? A necessary differentiation by someone who knew him, by Deena Stryker

In historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple

Russia negotiates with Turkey for surrender of Jihadis in east Aleppo, by Alexander Mercouris

Hundreds of US veterans to shield Dakota protesters

Boycott, Divest, Sanction
  Global BDS Movement

These ‘Israelis’ will never debate any truth a Palestinian or other puts forth to them…. always deflect and distract. Why? Because they know,
 as they always have known and will forever know, they are living on stolen land and borrowed time.
Comment on “WAFA Issues Report on Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media”

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