It's the school holidays and Summer is looking for ways to fill her day.

One Day of Summer is a 2D, side scrolling, open-world, point-and-click, non-adventure game that takes place over 25 different locations. Some of these directly scroll on from others, while some need to be entered by performing actions at specific locations.

You control the titular character, Summer, as you guide her through the day. The aim of the game is to fill Summer’s day with positive events, by scoring 100% positive activities, but activities take time, and Summer only has so much hours until her mother expects her back for tea.
There are also negative actions that take time but add nothing to the activities score.

                    The game is run in real-time, with Summer’s day taking approximately one hour. Although time is taken away from this as actions are performed.


                    Essentially an exploration game, it doesn't follow the tradition point-and-click or graphical-adventure; find object, use object; structure, and is intended to be a relatively short, against the clock, experience where you need to play several times to figure out the best route through the game.

                    Like the real world, locked doors mostly mean someone doesn't want you to enter and anywhere you can go is generally open and free to walk through. Summer’s world is open, but not all opportunities of interest readily present themselves. Summer must examine her surroundings and make informed decisions before interacting with her environment or the results may not go exactly as planned.

·         All actions take time – hence reduce the amount of remaining game-time.

·         Good experiences add to summer’s ‘positive activity’ score percentage.

·         Bad experiences take time but add nothing to the score.

·         Performing actions in a specific order can substantially cut the over-all time taken.


                    Activities can be chained to allow maximum points to be gained within the minimum amount of time.
                    These optimum positive-activity combinations must be learned in order to complete the game with the maximum score.

One Day of Summer - Coming Mid 2016 (hopefully)