One Blue Candle

One Blue Candle is an Iowa initiative by various faith groups, immigration rights advocacy groups, and others to show their support of newcomers to our state during the holiday season.  

Light one blue candle and to place in your front window on Monday, December 16 as a way to embrace and share the messages of the season, including those of Mary and Joseph trying to find shelter in a strange land and the traditions of Las Posadas in Latino cultures. (December 16 is the first day of Las Posadas.)

Faith and Other Groups
Light blue candles to include in holiday vigils to show not only support for welcoming newcomers, but also for family unity and hope for immigrant families who are hurting. Light a blue candle to show and support respect, dignity, and fair treatment of all, regardless of national origin. 
Participating Organizations:

• ACLU of Iowa 
• American Friends Service Committee Iowa Immigrant Voices Program
• Des Moines Ecumenical Committee for Immigration Reform
• Immigrant Allies of Marshalltown
• Immigration Task Force of the Iowa United Methodist Church
• Iowa Catholic Conference
• Iowa Church World Service
• Iowa Methodist Federation for Social Action
• Las Americas United Methodist Faith Community
• Plymouth United Congregational Church Peace Committee, Des Moines
• St. John's Lutheran Church, Des Moines
• St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hispanic Ministry, Marshalltown
• Trinity United Methodist Church

For more information, contact Erica Johnson at or 515-243-3576, ext. *819.