June 21st 2016

Year 8. The black ball was a gorgeous day in Palatine. Goes down as the warmest One Ball in the history of the crawl. The ceremonial temperature was 85 degrees. The Black Ball was the second smallest crawl (2011), but that didn't stop us from having some of the highest energy of all crawls. Nearly 140 people showed up to raise awareness in 2016. The One Ball welcomed Fremd Teacher TJ Valacek and family to share his story in his 2 year battle vs. "the demon". For the second straight year the crawl consisted of an itinerary of Durty Nellies, Tap House, TJ Obriens, Oak Alley and back to Durty Nellies. "Send in the Clones" entertained us for the 8th straight year with a great performance and dance party. This year, they even included Jason as they got him up on stage and played cover from his favorite band Phish, appropriately entitled for the event "Down with Disease".

Let's continue to raise awareness and funds to put down this disease of Cancer!