6 Reasons To Buy My Blinds.

1) These blinds can be used as deer blinds or turkey blinds. 2) Portability, the entire unit can be transported in the back of most full size pickups. 3) Versatility, the unit can be built to many different specifications. Including but not limited to rifle or bow windows, 8 to 12 ft tall platform, can also be used as a ground level blind. 4) very strong 2" square tubing and 2" angle iron construction. 5) Stairs instead of a clumsy ladder!, The stairs are at 45 deg and have an 8" rise much easier to get your equipment in and out of the unit. 6) Our windows won't leak like many of the competitors do! 

More Information About Our Blinds
Our blind house sizes are 4'x7', 5’x7, 6’x7’ & 7'x8' all with 6' tall walls. The roof is 20” taller in the middle of the unit.
All of our blinds are insulated with an r-5 in the walls and r-10 in the celling.

The window layout can be in any combination of archery or rifle windows(10”x20”) on 5-7 sides, depending on unit size. All windows are 3/16 tinted gray glass, available in slide up or sideways or hinged in any direction.

The floors are available in wood or composite depending on your needs.

Our blind towers are 5' or 8' tall. If you’re not using a tower and will be placing the blind on uneven ground or a hill side, we sell a leveler kit with 2' of adjustment.

We have special trailers to set them, from the highway to the timber. They can also be used by a 4 wheeler in the woods.

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