Sinjar School

Though ISIS was removed from Sinjar in November 2015 there has been no big NGO support to rebuild, clear IEDs, educate or medicate the growing community of Yezidis who have returned home from the IDP camps in the region. As Y.E.S. has an experienced and connected Yezidi team we are pleased to partner with them on a primary school project. They fortunately found a large house that was not beyond repair and an owner who was happy for us to use it. After hard work all around fundraising, negotiating and repairing we are excited to announce it is now opening to 120 children.

This does not end the project, it only begins it...


The Angels Child Friendly Space is in a lovely large home. The owner has chosen to not return yet due to the situation in the area. As many families do not have that option he has agreed to let us use the building. The team from YES did an amazing job of fixing the building after it was vandalized by ISIS.

School after renovations