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Author's Foreword ~ My Three Uniforms

Preface ~ The Secret

Introduction ~ A Guide for the Consumer

Chapter 1 ~ One Above and Seven Below
Defining what is a chareidi

Chapter 2 ~ The Meaning of Toil
Defining the definition

Chapter 3 ~ Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About The Chareidim (But Were Afraid to Know)
More FAQs about what is a chareidi

Chapter 4 ~ The Chareidim - and NCOJs - of Yore
The founding fathers of the chareidim

Chapter 5 ~ The Theory of [Chareidi] Evolution
An historical and scientific perspective

Chapter 6 ~ Getting to the Heart of the Matter
The chareidi view of the commandments

Chapter 7 ~ An Educated Consumer (or: Chareidiism 101)
Chareidi ideology in 8 easy lessons

Chapter 8 ~ Cops and Rabbis (or: Dear Kindly Rabbi Krupnik) 
Accepting authority and submissiveness

Chapter 9 ~ What's in a Name?
The true meaning of the term "chareidi"

Special Feature Chapter

Chareidio-active Fallout
A chareidi perspective on rebellious youth and fallout