About the Author


Yechezkel Hirshman is, by his own definition, an avowed chareidi (which is Hebrew for Quaker) and, thus, thinks he is qualified to write this book. He explains why this is so in a preliminary chapter entitled My Three Uniforms. He was brought up in a North American Town With an Integrated Community of Hebrews (Natwich) and attended a few East Coast and Israeli yeshivot and no colleges. He does, however, hold a Master's Degree in Talmudic Law and Rabbinics (but no official semicha) from Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, New Jersey. He used to work selling diamonds but has more recently found other things to do. He made aliya to Eretz Israel with his family in 1997 and currently lives in a noisy Jerusalem neighborhood with his wife, a whole bunch of kids, many other chareidim, and lots of cats. He wears his tefillin nusach Sefard (Chassidic style) but prays nusach Ashkenaz (go figure) and, yes, he is left-handed.

No, the picture at the top of the page is not Yechezkel but it is one of the most well known "chareidim" there is, and, hey, don't all chareidim look alike?