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The Chareidi Response

Chareidization  - It's the newest term in the book. And it has many members of the greater Orthodox Jewish community up in arms. The stark reality is that a major portion of Orthodox Jews don't seem to appreciate chareidim and do not welcome "chareidization". What is going on - and why? Has something changed within Orthodox Judaism? Is there a difference between an Orthodox Jew and a Chareidi? And, if so: 
  • What is a chareidi and what is a non-chareidi Orthodox Jew (NCOJ)? Where does one entity end and the other begin?
  • Who are the chareidim? Where have they come from? How long have they been here? And to where are they headed?
  • Why do some Orthodox Jews refuse to identify as chareidi? Why do others embrace chareidi ideals? And why do some chareidim abandon them?
  • Why are the chareidim so successful and why are they so despised?
 In a thought-provoking study that is at the same time theological and sociological, studious and sarcastic, insightful and inciteful, light-spirited yet profoundly intense, Yechezkel Hirshman addresses these questions while presenting an insider's look at the upside of the Ultra-Orthodox world.


Advance Praise for One Above and Seven Below:

I recommend this book for all those who want to consider and examine what being a Torah Jew entails from a serious and essential perspective. Rabbi Zev Leff, Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva, Moshav Mattityahu, Israel  

You have done well in your approach to touch upon the heart of

these issues based on the ideology of the Torah and with using an easygoing style. - Letter to the author from Rabbi Mordechai D. Noigershall, Director, Yahadut M'Zavit Shonah (Judaism from a Different Angle), Jerusalem, Israel

One Above and Seven Below explores the essence of chareidism in a thorough, clear manner and is valuable reading on the topic. - Letter by anonymous reader appearing in Mishpacha Magazine, June 18, 2008


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