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Mt Rushmore NP

Bear Country

Minuteman Missle Silo

In 2012 Terri and I decided to start traveling the united states to see all the national parks that this great nation has to offer. At the time the boys were still young and traveled with us across the country in a very cramped Toyota Highlander. We were on a tight schedule and in the course of 8 week we hit 9 National Parks, 3 National monuments, and 2 National Historic site. We also managed to see Pheonix, Chicago, San Francisco, and many state parks and other attractions along the way.

Since then Terri and I have continued to travel the US each year making a different loop around the country. The intent is to visit all of the national parks. This site has pictures from some of our adventures. Enjoy!

Pete and Terri on KP at Sandy's house

Wupatki NM

Rafting in Santa Fe, NM

Inside a "Kiva" in Mesa Verde NP

Climbing ladders at Mesa Verde NP

Climbing ladders at Mesa Verde NP

"Standing on a corner"

Petrified Forest NP

Grand Canyon NP

Grand Canyon NP