Welcome to the Ottawa Newcomers' Club

Women: New to Ottawa? Need to connect with your community? Need help with the transition to a new city? 

Ottawa Newcomers' Club enables women new to Ottawa to become part of our community by forging friendships, 
enjoying a wide range of activities, sharing experiences, and having fun together.

 Here is a testimonial of one of the Newcomers to Ottawa:  

"My membership in the Ottawa Newcomers' Club was one of the best 'finds' that I had when I came to Ottawa a couple of years ago.  It was a great way to meet  new people and learn a TON about this wonderful city.  Thank you to everyone who makes this club possible!"

About Us

    • Ottawa Newcomers' Club is a social organization which helps women new to Ottawa or those who have experienced a significant life change to meet new friends and become part of the community.

    • Ottawa Newcomers' Club is a volunteer non-profit organization affiliated with the National Newcomers Association of Canada 

    • Our Board serves the membership by developing policy, communicating with members, seeking members to volunteer as convenors, promoting the organization and collaborating with the national body.

    • Members volunteer to coordinate activities and share information about future events in a monthly electronic Newsletter.


        • Most of the Newcomers' activities run from September until June.  Occasionally activities are organized during the summer months.
        • Whatever your interests, we offer opportunities to get to know other women with similar interests.  Participate as much or as little as you like.
        • What's your favourite?  Food?  Books?  Movies? Exercise? Games?  Art and Architecture? Tours? Crafts?  Bridge? See some of your many options here.  


        • Membership is open to all women who within the past two years have:  Either (i) moved to Ottawa Or (ii) experienced significant life change.                              

        • Annual membership dues to cover administrative expenses are $30.00 for the period July 1 to June 30. Membership after March 1 is prorated to $20.00

        • Complete a Membership application here 

        • Need more information? Email us at newcomersclubottawa@gmail.com, or through the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

        Once you have made contact, you will be invited to take a test drive by participating as a guest at one of our many events.

        We look forward to meeting you.