On Course with Gene Bogart

This year, (and still, more than ever)
it's essential to remain
"On Course!"


On Course with Gene Bogart is an Internet-based gathering of spiritual students and teachers, and is dedicated to a deep, practical, and joy-filled application of the teachings and principles of A Course in Miracles.  While On Course focuses primarily on the Workbook of ACIM (as you will read more about, below), we actively encourage and facilitate the study and practice of all aspects and areas of the Course's teachings, with a particular emphasis on the practical application of these timeless principles into our daily lives.

On Course is member-supported via monthly donations. Suggested donation amounts are listed below, but members are encouraged to individually confer with the Holy Spirit to determine what level of donation is appropriate for them.

In essence, the only requirement for joining On Course is that
each person
honestly confer with the Holy Spirit, and then
follow their individual guidance as to
how best to proceed. 
That's it…

Donation at various levels are gratefully accepted, and "scholarship" memberships are made available for those who seem to be currently experiencing financial hardship. Our intention at On Course is that no one who feels guided to join this group should be turned away because of current (although illusory) financial limitation or inability to pay. 
(Please refer to the Donations area on this page, below.)

On Course features several areas of focus to assist members
in their study and practice of ACIM.

The On Course Forum offers an opportunity to meet with other members — many of them noted authors, teachers, and facilitators of A Course in Miracles. In addition to the open discussion forum, there are also "Questions On Course" discussion threads where members can pose questions on any areas of Course study that they may feel curious or uncertain about, and answers will be provided by our "advisory board" of contributors, facilitators who are highly experienced in the study and practice of the Course.  The On Course Forum is open to all On Course members, and is a fun and informative place to share ACIM-based ideas!

The group is also intending to offer a series of On Course Conference Calls in the coming year.
Details will be forthcoming.


Here are a few Quotes from folks who have been benefitting
from being members of the On Course group:

"I love receiving and doing the lessons every day. It makes me feel very committed to doing the Course, plus I have really felt a big difference between doing them by myself alone (as I did a few years ago) and doing them in the group — it's sooo much more powerful!  Thank you."

"Listening to your recordings has made a tremendous difference for me. You have been gifted in this dream with an extraordinary voice. Reading along with you, I no longer feel the need to fight against what I am being told to do. I can really hear the lesson. On Course is an inspired idea that I believe will help many of us on this path. It is definitely helping me."

"Hey Gene, you are a miracle worker! Love the daily On Course emails."



One of the most valuable benefits for members of On Course is in the area of the Workbook of A Course in MiraclesGene Bogart (a noted professional voiceover and recording artist, and one of the most recognized voices in the Course in Miracles community around the world) is making available to On Course members the daily Lessons from the Workbook, each available as audio recordings!  This is the perfect way to incorporate each Workbook Lesson into your daily routine: simply listen on your computer; download each lesson onto your iPod or other mp3-player; or you can even create your own CDs or tapes of the Lessons for playing in your car, boombox, stereo, or whatever you prefer.

It's an ideal method for incorporating the regular practice of each lesson into your daily lives - and regularity in practice is essential in bringing the teachings of the Course into one's full experience; truly an essential aspect of anyone's dedicated study of the Course.

Each daily Lesson recording is made available to members of On Course at the group's website (daily email reminders are sent to the group member mailing list as well.)  The Lesson audio recordings start on January 1st, perfect for those who intend to do the Workbook each day of the year for 2012!  For those who join the group after Jan. 1st (or if they are doing a 'review' of the previously completed Workbook), they can of course pick up the audio lessons at whatever point they find themselves.

For those who wish to do the Workbook sequentially, but are beginning the process after January 1st, all the audio recordings for all Lessons are archived for access by group members. (When doing the Workbook in one sequential year, it does not matter where in the calendar year one begins.)
So, it's never too late to start!

(Plus, if you download all the lessons as the year progresses, by the end of the year,
you will have in your possession the entire Workbook of A Course in Miracles
in professionally recorded audio form! 
Yours to keep, forever, just for having been a member of On Course.)

That's why we say:
This year, more than ever,
it's essential to remain "On Course!"


"I'm really enjoying doing the Course with you.  This is the 4th time that I'm doing the workbook lessons, and your commentary preceding each lesson makes all the difference — it helps me to deepen my experience.  Thank you."

"Your Course Comments are excellent! Even though I've done the Workbook and am not 'doing' it again right now, I copy your comments and put them in a book and review them each night with the Course lesson, and the review has been wonderful. I can't thank you enough!"

"I've so enjoyed your comments and explanation. It makes it so much easier to understand the lessons, and it keeps me on track for each daily lesson. Thank you very much for your 'inspiration'."

Join us at On Course now!


Donation A

It was through deep reflection and with direct guidance from the Holy Spirit that the amount of $15 per month became the suggested donation rate for most members.  This is slightly less than 50¢ per day, which should be a very accessible amount for the majority of people. But as stated previously, it has been our guidance that each individual should ask the Holy Spirit for their own guidance as to how much they feel they should contribute to their membership in On Course. And some folks may feel, after conferring with the Holy Spirit, that they are honestly unable (or simply not guided at this time) to contribute financially in any amount.

This need not prevent anyone from joining with us at On Course!

Please read on, to see where this guidance has directed us.

The Suggested Donations levels are presented in three categories:


1)     Contributing Membership:  Amounts of $5 or $10 per month.

Contributing membership gives all the benefits of On Course, including participation in
free conference calls; any premium conference calls would be available at discounted rates.

CLICK Link BELOW to become a Contributing Member at $5 per month.

CLICK Link BELOW to become a Contributing Member at $10 per month.


2)    Supporting Membership:  $15 per month.  This is the amount suggested as the basic donation rate to make it possible to continue the activities of On Course.  All of the benefits as listed previously, plus Supporting Members will be able to join any potential Premium On Course Conference Calls at no charge!  We hope that most members will find $15 per month to be an acceptable donation amount, as this allows us to put in all of the time and energy required to present and maintain the On Course group and its resources and activities.

CLICK Link BELOW to become a Supporting Member at $15 per month.


3)    Golden Circle Membership:  $25 per month.

For those who are able, and who wish to make a significant contribution to the work of On Course, being in the Golden Circle earns you a "highly respected place at the table",
as well as our sincere and Eternal gratitude! 
Golden Circle members gain all the benefits as described above… and Golden Circle members enjoy the ability to have greater and more immediate personal access to Gene and others, for discussions, clarifications, and answering of personal questions.
The "added contributions" of Golden Circle members are much of what makes it possible for On Course to offer scholarship memberships to those not currently in a financial position to contribute (read more about that, below.) So GC members are not only supporting the group itself, but are allowing many others to participate right along with us.
We continue to send a sincere Thank You for your extraordinary support of our work here at On Course(While there are no different "levels" as far as members are concerned here, we do recognize the extraordinary contributions of our Golden Circle members. You all are close and valued friends, and you will always hold a very warm place in our hearts!)

"Here is the golden circle where you recognize the Son of God." ACIM-22.In.4.9

CLICK Link BELOW to become a Golden Circle Member at $25 per month.



The operation of On Course is not an automated system! Everything we do is "lovingly done by hand" — meaning, there is no immediate response after you have signed up at PayPal. At some point we will "see" your PayPal receipt, and we will then get your group registration process underway.
So please give us a little time… We assure you, we will see your contribution — and we will bless you for it! — and we will get you officially signed into the group as quickly as we can.

DON'T FORGET:  When you register using PayPal, the email address you use for PayPal will be the only email we will have for you. If you wish to be registered
with On Course using a different email address, please contact us at oncourse.genebogart@gmail.com to tell us the alternate address
(and any possible variation of your name) you'd like to use.


General Donations • Scholarship members:   As mentioned previously, it is our intention that inability to pay should never exclude anyone who feels guided to join, from becoming a member of On Course.  In these difficult economic times, there will undoubtedly be a few folks who literally have nothing financial to offer, sometimes perhaps not even a credit card or a PayPal account, and yet who feel deeply guided to join our group.  What we are suggesting is inspired by this quote from ACIM Chapter 1, "Principles of Miracles":

8.  Miracles are healing because they supply a lack;
they are performed by those who temporarily have more
for those who temporarily have less.

It is our intention that some of our members "who temporarily have more", will donate funds beyond their own membership contributions, for the purpose of applying some of this funding to those who "temporarily have less", and would otherwise not be able to contribute toward group membership. 
We leave this totally in the Holy Spirit's hands,
assured that the illusion of money will flow as it is being Divinely directed to.

To make a single DONATION in any amount, CLICK Link Below:

(From ACIM - The Psychotherapy pamphlet):

One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone. Relationships are always purposeful. Whatever their purpose may have been before the Holy Spirit entered them, they are always His potential temple; the resting place of Christ and home of God Himself. Whoever comes has been sent.

Perhaps he was sent to give his brother the money he needed. Both will be blessed thereby.
Perhaps he was sent to teach the therapist how much he needs forgiveness, and how valueless is money in comparison. Again will both be blessed. Only in terms of cost could one have more.
In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost.

For any who sincerely find themselves temporarily in difficult financial circumstances,
please contact us via email
to discuss inclusion in our Scholarship Membership program.


Payment Methods:  PayPal accepts most credit cards, and payment can also be made directly from your PayPal account. 

You don't need an existing PayPal account
to make credit card payments.

To Contribute Without Using PayPal

Some folks are unable to use PayPal or credit cards, or for some reason don't feel secure doing any financial transactions online.  Checks, and even cash, are certainly acceptable means for expressing appreciation for the work of On Course.  In all honesty, under our Guidance from the Holy Spirit (who Gene often humorously refers to as "Manny"), it was clearly stated that some form of financial "flow" from each member would be essential in keeping the work of On Course flowing and growing.  That is why, even just five dollars a month is an acceptable amount to be included as a member; even a tiny trickle of flow will produce significant results!  And that is why, for those to whom even a single dollar is sincerely too much for them to pay, we ask that others will make up that difference through their additional donations.  And even any amount donated through PayPal, or sent as cash or check mailed in to us in an envelope, will help to comprise that significant contribution.


There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not "harder" or "bigger" than another.

They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.

To make a DONATION BY CHECK (or cash), or to request Scholarship assistance,
our Postal Mail and Email addresses are provided on this website's "Contact" page.

(Please note: at this time, donations made to On Course are not tax deductible.
This may change over time, should
On Course obtain legal non-profit status. 
This should not be of significant concern to most members, as honestly, the amounts
donated will not be all that high in most cases.  But still... Manny wanted you to know!)


"I really appreciate the comments you provide for each lesson. I have been a student of the Course for almost 15 years. I have also read and reviewed Gary's two books many, many times. Yet your additional comments still provide added insight for me, with extra incentives to remain focused on the message and to be vigilant for the Truth only. Again thanks for all your effort."

"Hi Gene!  Sure enjoy my mornings more now... Start every day with your voice and the HS!! Thanks for the gifts you give to the world."



Message from Gene Bogart:  Founding and moderating the On Course group has been completely life-changing for me. Not only for the clarity and ever-deepening understanding of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles that I've been able to experience through doing this work… but also for the close and enduring friendships I've been so blessed to share with the many members of this group.

Many of you reading this may know about the life-threatening medical emergency I experienced last year. In addition to the endless love and support I received from my lovely wife, Helen, and also from my dear buddy Gary Renard, it was our extended "family" here at On Course who were so much of the support system that allowed me to survive, and to continue with this work.  (And yes, the Holy Spirit —"Manny"— had a BIG hand in this process as well, which is something I'll be writing about in depth before long.)  But I will forever be moved and extremely grateful for the love, support, and ongoing good wishes of so many dear friends who have been and continue to be members of On Course.

Having Gary's enthusiastic endorsement and support for our activities at On Course is obviously a tremendous "plus" for us — as is having him available to add guidance and understanding to what we present and discuss at this group. He is undoubtedly one of our "highest profile" group members… and I am certainly blessed to have him as one of my dearest and closest friends. It was a privilege for me to portray the voice of Arten in the audio CD recordings of The Disappearance of the Universe; it is also a joy to produce and co-host the Gary Renard Podcasts with him, as we will continue to do during the coming year. (You can check out our podcasts at http://www.forgiveness.tv)

To all of you, treasured 'veteran members' and new members alike: thank you for your interest, involvement, and support.  It is wonderful to see On Course with Gene Bogart becoming recognized as a respected center for the dedicated study and practice of A Course in Miracles!  I know that we all continue to benefit greatly from the Holy Relationships that are the result of our ongoing discussions, creative ideas, and practical application of ACIM teachings and Lessons.

It is wonderful to be here with you all, as we continue on with our Journey!

In Peace, and with Immense Love and Endless Gratitude,