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The importance of an accurate prognosis in cancer patients cannot be overestimated:

1. patients demand proper counselling. What to expect can help patients and their loved ones think about lifestyle
    changes and make decisions about their quality of life and finances.
2. an individualized treatment can only be the result of an accurate prognosis. It is clear that over- and  
    uderestimation of survival may result in under- and overtreatment.

Current methods to estimate survival in the individual patient are not accurate because the prognosis and course of disease is influenced by very many factors. Until now, it was nearly impossible to integrate all these factors into a reliable prognosis.
Our comprehensive data-bases (since 1969!), including an almost complete (97.5%) follow-up of almost all  patients, combined with dedicated software has proven to provide an accurate prognosis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients.