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Make 2010 the year that      you get organized!

We arrange clothes closets, linen cupboards, basements, garages,  and general organizing of your stuff.

$100 will get every closet in your home done.

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WHAT WE DO.....we make your life simple

Our job is to do the mundane tasks that life requires of us. Freeing you for the more important things like spending time with your family on a Saturday, not lined up in a grocery store. We will give you back your lunch hour by taking your car in for servicing, pick up your dry cleaning or buy a bottle of wine and the steaks for tonight's dinner. Why we will even take them to your house, put them in the fridge and set the table!

And if it's help in your business you need, we are your virtual assistant, your courier and your chauffeur.

Who needs a personal assistant or concierge service?

  • Busy Professionals - Time is money

While you concentrate on your career, we will take care of the routine errands and maintenance items so you have more time to devote to your successful corporate journey or important workplace entertaining.

Moving? We can do all the necessary arrangements and liason with the hydro, gas & telephone companies. Arrange for mail delivery, be on hand for telephone/cable hook ups etc.

Worried when you leave for vacation? Our bonded staff will check on your home, water plants, collect newspapers/flyers, shovel the driveway, put out the garbage, turn lights on and off. Whatever it takes to make the house look "lived in". Worry no more!

  • Mature Adults - Rather not trouble my family

When bad weather keeps you indoors or you are unable to get around like you wish, we will bring your groceries or other items to you. It's our job to make your life easier and less stressful. We will gladly make your appointments, drive you to them and take you home again.

  • Two Career Families - Just not enough hours 

At the end of a long day at work, wouldn't it be great if someone had already done the grocery shopping and picked up the dry cleaning? Let us free up your weekends so you can spend time doing what you would like to do instead of running errands.

  • Corporations - Give the gift of freedom

What a great gift idea or bonus incentive. Give your staff the gift of time by purchasing one of our gift certificates. This is a great way to thank your employees and making them feel esteemed.

  • Architects/ Real Estate/Agents/Lawyers    

           Get your documents delivered on time

We are couriers that are available when you need us, getting your important documents delivered to their destination and back to you - on time and hassle free.