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Theme Challenge 

Donald has posted a theme challenge on Twitter. Tweet your theme idea by April 21st to @onboardgames with the hash tag #themechallenge.

Donald will pick a one from those supplied and make a game from it. The game creation will be documented and shared with astonishing irregularity.  

The plan is to have a play-test worthy game, with packets ready to be sent out to volunteers, by the end of May.

Proposed Themes:

Czas na Planszówki  @CzasNP
Post-apo economic, 1-6 players with 6 resources and card AI independent villages.

Employees seek reimbursement for purchases on personal credit cards.Player with most frequent-flyer miles wins.

Sperm competing for egg fertilization.

Panty Raid!

Jewish Golem Racing - it'd be like Roborally except you only change one card at a time - so they keep moving.

The up and coming sport of competitive eating.

Dinosaurs! A herd of ceratopsian Dino's avoiding the depravations of apex predators! A reverse dungeon crawl with dinosaurs!

You are a reporter in a cyberpunk future, and you win by exposing corporate corruption.


A game based on social media where the goal is to get the most followers?

"Taco Construction"