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We now have a new G+ group for all of the 2RG related media, including On Board Games, On RPGs, and the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast. 
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Love Rhino Hero? Want to win a bundle of games? Here's what you do:

Write and record a theme song to Rhino Hero. You do not have to write a full song, just a chorus or tag is also fine, but it must be music and it must include the words Rhino Hero.

Send us the song. You can do that by upoading a song to the internet and sending us the link, or by sending us a file. Here's how you can reach us:

The more of these entries you make, the happier we will be!
The Deadline is March 1st!!

The Grand Strand Gamers and On Board Games Podcast offer local designers the opportunity to show off unpublished game prototypes at White Widow Games, Myrtle Beach’s premier tabletop gaming destination. Saturday May 17th, from 1:00-7 p.m. at the White Widow Game Store. 

Designers wanting to show off their games may want to call ahead to reserve a table, because space is limited. Call Donald Dennis at (856)OBG-DICE / (856) 624-3423 . 

White Widow Games

  (843) 503-0727 
  4961 Socastee Blvd
  Myrtle Beach, SC 29588


The game thread for Podcaster Diplomacy season two is posted, and the game is underway. Once again Erik and Donald are positioned next to each other on the map, which could lead to some interesting conversations in the episodes to come. (On an unrelated note Erik won't be in episode 125.)

Dan Yarrington (Myriad Games Presentations) - England

Donald Dennis - Italy

Erik Dewey - France

Geoff Engelstein (Ludology) - Austria

Jamie Keagy (The Secret Cabal)  - Russia

Rodney Smith (Watch it Played) - Turkey

Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games) - Germany


June 20-22nd, 2014
Show host Donald Dennis and round table regular Jason (Pete) Frye will be attending STORMCON. Donald is scheduled to run a game or two, and will be recording with some STORMCON staffers & Guests. We hope to see you there. 


Based on all the requests we've been getting to cover kickstarter games we have a new review, advertising, and Kickstarter policy!

The most important thing about our advertising policy - we reserve the right to not review or advertise a product/service. Our listeners are important to us. If we don't think your game or product is a good fit, or that it is horrible, we won't review it or sell you advertising space on our shows. But hey, it never hurts to ask. Unless it's a gambling related product, then don't ask.

If you want us to cover/namedrop your game here is the way to do it:
Make it about Discworld, or one of our other "pet topics" and send us a press release. Then we will probably, maybe, mention it; if we remember when we are recording. 

Pro Tip:

Donald likes Discworld, vikings, pirates, spaceship combat, and the Cthulhu Mythos. 
Erik likes business simulators, airlines, Discworld, spaceship combat, and Solo Games. 
Jason likes deck building, worker placement, and space themes. 

If you think you have a game we will like, even if it isn't one of the above topics, check out the options below.


Would you like some mostly free publicity? Send us a copy of your game and we will look it over. If it would be of interest to our target audience we will put it in our review queue. 

Try to get us a copy of the game at least a month before you want the review to hit. We will try to get a review up as quickly as possible but we only release two episodes a month, and space is valuable, so there are no guarantees. You may include post-paid packaging to have it returned/sent on to another reviewer. Don't ask us to ship it overseas, or to eat the expense; that probably won't happen.

Kickstarter Special Note

Get us a review copy a month before the kickstarter event launches. If this happens, we will know before your game launches if we will cover it.

Reviews will be based on the rules and components we receive. If the components are going to change we will mention that in the review. We are under no obligation to assume corrections to, or reformatting of, the rules will actually happen. However we may discuss them with the designer before creating the review if time permits.

Commit to sending us a final "published" copy of the game once published so we can confirm our previous reviews. Yes, this means you may get double coverage. Double Win for you!

Chicago Toy & Game Fair

The Chicago Toy & Game Group and are hosting their 7th Annual Games for Educators Conference at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair.  

The host this year is James Taylor of Game Changer at the University of Chicago. He has assembled a terrific new line up of presenters from the Hive Learning Network to cover digital and analog topics. The Hive Learning Network is an open, connected community dedicated to transforming the learning landscape, creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests in virtual and physical spaces. 

The Games for Educators Conference is sponsored by Mayfair Games (makers of Settlers of Catan), Bananagrams, Hive Chicago, and the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast.

Recording News

Looking for guest hosts! If you've wanted to be in On Board Games let us know. It will be easier to get you in if you have a topic you'd like to talk about. 

We have been recording most episodes on Tuesday evening at 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 central.

And check out our contributor guidelines so you know what is required to participate.

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