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Giles Pritchard

Giles Pritchard has been a very insightful and entertaining contributor and foreign correspondent for the On Board Games podcast. Due to the invasion of his home by a small monster he no longer has regular access to his recording studio, however he has assured us that if he ever finds the time he will once again bless us with the sounds of his melodious voice. 

Until that time you can find him as Caradoc on Board Game Geek.

You can find him on his personal blog Castle by Moonlight:

Giles - Gaming Vitae


  • Castle by Moonlight


  • Resident and proprietor of The Shed – an occasional segment on the Dice Tower
  • On Board Games Podcast - correspondent
  • Teaching Strategies (now defunct)
Games and Education
  • Currently a teacher at St George's Rd Primary School in Shepparton
  • Ran a Professional Developments for Teachers in 2007, 2009, & 2011 on using Games in Classrooms
  • Helped organise a board game library for St Liborious' School, Bendigo
  • Ran games clubs, and programs at Sacred Heart, Tatura; St Brendans, Shepparton, and St Georges Rd, Shepparton
Events & Conventions
Australian Games Expo
  • Demo Team for Rio Grande Games
  • Game Designer Forum
  • Teacher Forum
Company Work
  • Playtesting on Duel in the Dark expansions (for Pilot Games)
  • Playtesting and general nuisance to Portal Publishing
  • Demo Team for Rio Grande for 5 years at the Australian Games Expo.
  • Wrote the Z-Man Games Newsletter for 3 years