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Donald Dennis

Board Game Geek: Walsfeo
Twitter: Walsfeo
Google+: Walsfeo

Pet Peeves

  • Cheaters & poor sports
  • Poorly designed & written rules books
  • Games where you are fighting to remember the game rules instead of competing against the players or game itself
  • Zero information decisions that could have huge impact on the game
  • Games that are too random for the time played
  • Game box inserts that don't work with the game

Convention Gaming

When attending conventions I like to run games and play in games in equal measure.  I can happily run up to two sessions a day, ideally one miniatures game and one RPG, but would be willing to shift my schedule as needed, and even include board games. 

Spaceship Combat 

 1st Preference: Arclight 
 2nd Preference: Silent Death
 3rd Pref: Start Wars X-Wing

RPGs  I'm prepared to run:

1st Preference: Savage Worlds Arclight setting

These games are all of equal preference:
  • King Arthur Pendragon, 
  • Call of Cthulhu, 
  • Elric!/Stormbringer, 
  • Paranoia, 
  • Savage Worlds Any setting

Board Games to run or teach

Donald - Gaming Vitae

Published Works

Teen Games Rule!: A Librarian's Guide to Platforms and Programs

  • Co Author, Chapter 3: Interactive Teen Gaming Programs : Georgetown County Library, South Carolina

Professional Presentations

ALA TechSource Gaming Learning & Libraries Symposium
  • Presenter: Creating a Game Friendly Environment


  • Presenter: Games in Libraries


Board Games with Scott
  • Guest host (episode 37)
On Board Games
  • Executive Producer
  • Editor
  • Podcast correspondent
  • Host
  • Reviewer
Games in Schools and Libraries
  • Co-host
  • Producer
  • Co-host
  • Guest Host (Episode 10)
How to Play
  • Guest (Episode 16)

Game Clubs

Grand Strand Gamers
  • Co-founder
Bishop McGuinness Player’s Guild
  • Member
Bishop McGuinness Gaming Society
  • Founding member & Officer
Player’s Guild of Central Oklahoma
  • Founding Member
  • Officer
  • President
  • Event Organizer
  • Regional Director
  • Chaosium Event Sanctioning
Syracuse Board Gamers
  • Member

Events & Conventions

Game room organization multiple years

  • BMHS School Olympics
  • Psurrealcon
  • Soonercon
  • Thundercon
  • Player’s Guild DoGs (Day of Games)
  • ICE Breaker – Iron Crown Enterprises company event
  • DreamCon (1991)
Attend and support various years
  • Stormcon SC
  • Scarab
  • Seancon
  • Gathering of Friends
  • PLAY!
  • Conjuration
  • Contest
  • OKON
  • DunDracon
  • Kublacon
  • Niagra Boardgames
  • Conestoga

Company Convention Support

  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight Publishing
  • Second Rat Games
  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight
  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight
Company Work
  • RPGA Regional Director
  • Convention Support
  • RPGA scenario scantioning
  • Playtester
Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Silent Death Line Developer
  • Combat Express Brand Manager
  • Playtester for dozens of products
  • Event support
  • Tournament creation
Mayfair Games
  • Playtest & Demo
Green Knight Publishing
  • Pendragon RPG Line Developer
  • Art Director
  • Convention and event support
Second Rat Games
  • Co Owner
  • Designer
  • Art Director
  • Convention Events