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Cyrus Kirby

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Handsome, Rugged, Bald...

Editor in Chief of Father Geek (, Board Game Fanatic, and Father of Three, Cyrus has always enjoyed board, card, miniature, role playing, and video games, but didn’t get back into the hobby seriously until early 2000. Once he did, however, he was hooked. He now plays board games with anyone and everyone he can, but enjoys playing with his children and wife the most.  Video games continue to be of real interest, but not as much as dice and little miniatures. As he carefully navigates the ins and outs of parenting, he does his very best to bestow what wisdom he has and help nurture his children’s young minds. It is his hope and ambition to raise three strong, honorable men who will one day go on to do great things and buy their Mom and Dad a lobster dinner.

The Legendary Beginnings of Father Geek 
(as voiced by James Earl Jones)

One day, Cyrus woke up and realized, “Hey, I bet other people want to hear about what I do!” To which his wife hit him with a pillow, complained that it was 3 AM, and he should go back to sleep. Sleep he did and ponder this thought…

When next he woke, he rushed to the kitchen table and scribbled down a few notes. That lead to more notes and more scribbles until finally, after about a day, there was enough coherent thought to actually formulate a plan of action! And on that fateful day, my friends, Father Geek was born!