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Subway Train

Train Engine

OBG Logo Sketch: Train Hex Meeple Negative, Cube

OBG Logo Sketch: City & Train Hex

Settlers City

I was contacted by a student graphic designer  asking if I was interested in participating in a school project. She didn't consult with me about what needs we might have for a logo that might be unique to pod casts. 

The final logo result ended up being a failure on several levels. Aside from the fact the graphics don't represent the kinds of games we talk about, they were spaced poorly, they would not scale well, and looked pretty cheap.

I shared that logo with some podcasters, and after reviewing why it was really not suitable for use as a logo one of them submitted the following logo. This logo would scale much better and looks pretty sharp. (The stoplight needs some work, but that's a problem with the source logo not this one.) 

What do I like? The use of white space, the tension between the elements, and that a B&W version could be created very easily. However the tiled letters could impact scale-ability and the ties to scrabble are still too strong. Overall though, this one rocks. 

Submitted by a Student

An On Board Games fan saw a conversation in our BGG guild talking about the On Board Games Logos. He isn't a graphic designer, but I love to see what other folks do with our logo. He kept most of the elements (box, stoplight, and show title,) and made it more readable than the original logo I created. 

The typography of the title, and the use of blue in the background an on the stoplight reduces the impact of this submission, and it feels squat. It has fewer problems than the one submitted by the student of graphic design.
OBG Fan submitted logo by Tegid