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Program Concept

On Board Games is an audio program about board and card games from the perspective of game scholars, industry veterans, and game enthusiasts. The duration of shows are usually around 45-90 minutes. The show is crafted to explore aspects of games and the game hobby from the viewpoints of professional reviewers, designers, and game scholars  allowing listeners to enjoy games more thoroughly.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for On Board Games are those already involved with the gaming hobby. While there would be a wealth of information of new players, and they will be able to enjoy the show, the discussion will include mentions of a wide variety games and occasional use of hobby-related slang so those with experience will benefit most from the show.

Format of Show

The keystone of On Board Games is a topic oriented round table discussion, frequently enhanced by listener feedback and questions. Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey are the co-hosts, and our third chair is filled by other gaming personalities. When we are lucky Scott Nicholson, our original co-host, drops by to share his gaming adventures.  

The review format has changed over time, and (d)evolved to our Review-a-palooza, where Donald and Erik discuss a selection of games ending with an older game. Games reviewed are from a variety of sources including the publishers as review copies. 

Fan-generated segments, topic suggestions, and review requests are always welcome.

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On Board Games is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network. The Dice Tower Network is a group of game related podcasts that try to inform, entertain, and offer insight into the board game hobby. Check them out when you are all caught up with On Board Games.


Our ongoing sponsor is Second Rat Games, a game company owned and operated by contributors Erik Dewey and Donald Dennis. In other words they are using one hobby to pay for another. If you'd like to support On Board Games, consider buying something from Second Rat Games for yourself or as a gift for a friend. 

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Our Rating System

We rate games that we have in our collection, though we will also rate games we’ve played at our local game groups or events we’ve attended. Some of the games we review have been given to us by publishers. It is our goal to provide objective reviews regardless of how we get the games. We are creating our reviews for the listeners and not for the companies, so will attempt to remain impartial and honest. 

While we welcome game submissions from companies, we do not guarantee that a game submitted will be reviewed.

On Board Games uses a simple Red, Yellow, Green three-tier gaming rating system. The Red, Yellow, Green systems is not a Ranking system, we don't give a final judgment on games in relation to each other. Instead we rate the game based on whether we are likely to play it again and how often.

Red Light

Red games are those we don't like and can't recommend. It is unlikely that just one issue dragged this game down into the red. Multiple elements, be they mechanics, balance, presentation, down-time, incomprehensible rules, or similar problems prevent red rated games from being successful. If games we rate red still interest you after our reviews, then you might want to find someone with a copy and give it a test run before you buy them.

Yellow Light

Games we rate yellow are good games that the reviewer will play when someone else requests to play them. A game being rated yellow may have a significant flaw or be on the brink of greatness, but it is neither spectacularly good nor spectacularly bad. Games rated yellow are excellent games to have in the collection of a game group, or good fun for one shot plays at conventions. However, they probably wont see weekly play around our tables at home.

Green Light

Games with a green rating are games we recommend wholeheartedly. These are the games we are likely to trot out of the game chest when someone asks “what do you want to play?”, or the ones we would take to gaming events. These are perfect for their target audience, uniquely appealing games that are worth investing in and able to support repeated play. The “fun for time invested” factor is appropriate. Green rated games are finely crafted works of art for some of the best games for a genre or theme.


Reviewers reserve the right to change their ratings after additional plays and when given the perspective of time.

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