Shangri La File

Handed to every officer of Capome Investigations after they prove they are a competant Sleuth is a case file marked simply "Shangri La".  It's contents are an invaluable guide to that mystical land.

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Fact File

Shangri-La is different from the other cities you will visit and the quests are for the more experienced detective, (must be over 100.000 XP and have solved one AI case)


High in the Himalayas awaits the hidden city of Shangri La. Once governed by an ancient order of monks, in recent years, an adventurous prince has asserted himself as the dominant power of the city.


The Prince guards his borders well and will only allow in scholars and those who can provide him a service that he needs.


Although he never leaves Shangri La his ambassador travels throughout the world seeking those worthy of an audience with his prince.


For detectives who have reached 100,000 experience points, the doorway to the Mountains of the Himalayas awaits.

The City News will regularly update you on where the Ambassador is visiting.  Once he is in your city you can gain an audience with him as long as you know where to find him.



Jan-13-2008 00:09
Foreign Dignitary in Town
Local socialites are ecstatic on hearing rumors that the ambassador to the Prince of Shangri-La is making the rounds among the finer cocktail parties in Delhi.


The Townies of Sleuthsville are perpetual gossips and one of them is bound to know where to find the Ambassador.


When not working on a case you can visit the Townies and ask them the whereabouts of the Ambassador by simply entering the word Ambassador into the question box.


One of them will eventually tell you that you can find him in the records office at the Town Hall.




Visit the Ambassador and it is quite clear he can see you are a Sleuth of talent.  He will set you a challenge worthy of the best Sleuth… before the day is out you must solve an Almost Impossible level case.


Fail and you will have to wait for the next time the Ambassador comes to town. 


 Succeed and he issues you with a pass to the mysterious realm of Shangri La.  From here you can undertake Arch Villain Hunts for the Prince or seek the rewards of the Factions of the Tea Steepers OR Shangri La Tigers. You cannot have both.

The Princes Door

The Poem of Shangri La

The Caves of Shangri La

Shangri La Map

Tea Steepers