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Fact File

Mai Capome      Founding Director 10/05/09

Kirstie 'Bones'     Co - Director  12/05/09

Margo Channing   Co - Director  12/05/09

Miss Guided         Officer  12/05/09

Sister Rosetta       Officer  12/05/09


Keira Ann                  Officer 13/05/09

Milton Waddams    Officer  13/05/09

Jason Arends         Officer  02/06/09

David Palmer         Officer  02/06/09

Oliver W. Holmes    Agent  14/05/09

Agent Ran                Rookie 15/06/09



Past Agents

Clara Bow               Agent 14/05/09 - 02/06/09























Mai Capome

Kirstie 'Bones'

Margo Channing

Miss Guided

Sister Rosetta

Keira Ann

Milton Waddams

Oliver W. Holmes

Agent Ran



Past Agents

Clara Bow