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In a corner of the large main office stands some old but smart filing cabinets.

The contents are often used to outsmart the factions

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In order to raise your standing with the Factions you can, once a day, complete a Little Job for a Faction you have a positive standing with.  When you offer to do a Little Job for a Faction they will tell you a Townie, that they need you to get information from. If you visit the Townie when not on a case you get the chance to ask them for the information the Faction needs.

Before giving you the information the Townie will ask you 3 questions.Your standing with the faction will raise for each question you get right up to maximum of 4 points if you get all 3 right.

Each question the Townie asks you relates to the works of a well known author.The questions are all multiple choice.You can be a dedicated Sleuth and head down to your local library with each of the question or use the help in the pages here.

For each question look up the right author from the list on the right hand side of this page.On each page you will find the questions and answers relating to the authors. 

All are welcome to use these pages for help.  If you come across an error, or you are aware of any questions not here,  Drop Mai Capome a message.