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Fact File

Gov. Huey P. Long

On September 8, 1935, Huey Long was apparently shot once by Carl Weiss in the Capitol building at Baton Rouge. Weiss was immediately shot dead by Long's bodyguards. The walls of the capitol hallway are still nicked from the bullets fired in the shootout. Weiss was the son-in-law of Judge Benjamin Pavy, a long-time political opponent of Long. Long died two days later from internal bleeding following an incompetent attempt to close the wounds by Dr. Arthur Vidrine. Some say that Huey should have recovered from the wounds, and that his doctors killed him. According to his sister, Lucille Long Hunt, his last words were: "Don't let me die, I have got so much to do."

Persistent rumors allege that Weiss actually had no gun and only struck Long with his hand, and Long was accidentally shot by his own guards when they opened fire on Weiss.   These rumors are supported by several witnesses and the fact that Long had a bruised lip when he went in for surgery. Other theories hold that Long's assassination was arranged to prevent him from winning the presidency in 1936, either from within the Democratic Party or as a  candidate backed by the Share Our Wealth organization. It was widely understood that Long's populist progressive policies had earned him many powerful enemies who would not have wanted him to become president . Two months prior to his death, in July 1935, Long had claimed that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate him .



Jessica Lauren Fields, battles to infiltrate and expose the evil plot of the conspirators who murder U.S. Senator and former governor of Louisiana, Huey P. Long. Jessica is railroaded by a judge, in Baton Rouge, who is in league with the conspirators.
    At eighty-two years old, Jessica finally tells her entire story to a seventy-two-year-old black hospital assistant, AMOS KELLY, who has daily cared for her for the past forty-seven years.
    Jessica tells of overhearing the hated conversations from the Washington dignitaries while she was the manager of the largest and most influential beauty salon in D.C. . . . Hearing death threats on Huey Long’s life while riding the train from Washington to Baton Rouge to visit her daughter . . . Hearing Huey P. Long speak when running for office . . . Overhearing the assassination plot in the Sackem and Rackem grocery store and pool hall lounge in Baton Rouge . . . The $600,000 hit-man contract . . . The Kingfish’s “Deduct Box” . . . Details of the assassination  . . . The one visit from family members . . . The ten stolen letters . . . The one-minute phone call . . . Trying to get the conspired assassination plot to Senator Long prior to his murder . . . The authorities listening to Jessica tell of the plot and not filling out a report with the names of the conspirators . . . and Details of Revenue Agents uncovering the corruption in Louisiana and trying to build a case on the Kingfish for income tax evasion.

    Jessica’s ordeal is the missing link in the chain of events leading to and surrounding the assassination of Huey P. Long, Louisiana’s most famous political figure.

She overheard the conspired plot to assassinate U. S. Senator and former Governor Huey "Kingfish" Long, Louisiana's most famous political figure. Over seventy years after the assassination, the truth finally emerges. From 1935-1997, fear has kept the cover-up from being exposed . . . now the historical novel about the unforgettable life of Duel Stone's Louisiana aunt, Jessica Lauren Fields, his father's sister.
Jessica reported the premeditated plan to the police prior to the assassination. Two days after the assassination, she was arrested and charged with slander, incompetence and spreading malicious lies. The next day, the cover-up was upheld in the 'kangaroo' hearing which judged her incompetent and committed her for life in the infamous St. Elizabeth's Hospital for the Criminally insane in Washington, D.C.

   Why didn't the police fill out a report of the plot and take the names of the conspirators? Why was she not permitted visitors and ineligible for parole? The assassination was in 1935. Why did the authorities never make public any investigation concerning the assassination until 1993? Why was no autopsy performed? Why were ballistic tests not done? Why did no one show up at the first three coroner's inquests that were scheduled?