On joining Ona Mission every Rookie is given a red file marked “Essential Information”.  Everyone’s copy is well read and can always be found at the very top of the pile of even the most backlogged Sleuth’s case files

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About the Factions

The factions of Sleuth represent different political and criminal organisations striving to gain control of various cities.

A Sleuth can gain favour and standing with the factions by solving cases with a positive rating for a faction or quitting case with a negative rating for the faction.Similarly a Sleuth with a positive standing with a faction can, each day, complete a “little job” for a faction.Click here for more information on Little Jobs.

A Sleuth’s standing with a faction gives them the following benefits:

1 point: You can now visit a faction, do Little Jobs for them and buy equipment from them.

5 points: You get a small discount when buying equipment from the faction.

10 points: If you are in an agency, you can now purchase information to start a treasure hunt. You also get an extra discount when buying equipment from the faction.

20 points: You receive a further discount when buying equipment from the faction.

25 points: If you have enough skill points, you can now learn the faction's special skill.

30 points: You will now get the highest discount on items.

To gain all the skills from ALL the factions you will need the help of your agency. Swop cases that give a minus in the faction you want to leave. Play the cases that are positive for the faction you are after.

Dies Arcanum Brotherhood

Order of Socrates

La Cosa Nostra

Eastern Triads

Circle of Light

The Green Hand

Tea Steepers

Tigers of Shangri La