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Cairo, known to its residents as Al-Qahirah, the Victorious. The city has withstood many conquerors through the years, it occasionally bowed but was never broken. Will it survive the newest threat to its existence?



Map of Cairo

Cairo's Townsfolk


Physical Evidence Assistance
Banker:  Fatma Aboul Naga, Identifies Notes
Barber:  Youssef  Hendawi, Identifies Hairs
Shoemaker: Hazim al-Khouly, Identifies Footprints
Rug Merchant: Mansour Shankouti, Identifies Threads



Waitress:  Hadeel Ikrami,  , 

Imam: Abdul Wahhab al-Diristawi

Spice Merchant: Sara al-Bakri,

Baker: Waleed Diab, the .
Coffee Roaster: Daoud al-Mistikawi, the
Fortune Teller: Tafida Qabbani, 

Detective Store: - Offers assorted items for sale for your Detective
Train Station: - Travel to other cities
Pyramids: - More to follow on these mysterious monuments


At the present moment in time you cannot treasure hunt or villian hunt from Cairo, but you can now set up an office there.


Cairo Pyramids

Cairo University