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Saving cases for a rainy day, building up a stash of solved cases, to re-build when treasure hunting, chatting with friends, storing extra equipment/gear, what ever your reason, apartments are expensive, and when adding the cost of the apartment to the over extortionate prices of the furniture youll need to have done alot of cases to save the pennies.

Purchase Price Unit
$80000 One Room Studio  
$200000 Two Room Apartment
$500000 Three Room Suite
$1000000 Four Room Penthouse

These pictures are taken from a four room penthouse,  the furniture for the penthouse would set you back a further 490.000,  The room is decorated and dictated by the quality of the furniture you buy.

Dining Room



A penthouse dining room

Rosewood Dining Set 





A penthouse bedroom

The large armoire 





A penthouse study

Roll top desk 



If you click on the picture of your room, once furnished you get an image like the one below.From here you can change the look / redecorate your apartment.The more expensive stuff you buy the better choice you have when redecorating. 


Equipment Storage

Case Storage

Dining Sets

Sitting Rooms

Book Cases


The Dance Floor

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