My projects and stuff I'm working on:

Genesis G59 Mark 3 Build

FT-817 Notes & Links

Tools - I've created some tools and fixtures to help me out. Also, some pictures of my CNC router project.

Wire Gauge Reference Table - PDF file of a AWG/SWG/BWG/MM conversion & reference chart. Very complete, very handy.

Power Supply from PC's & Distribution Panel

Poor Ham's Simple Scalar Network Analyzer

Links to some of my favorite Ham/Electronics stuff:

My buddy Pete N6QW

Pete & Ben (KK6FUT) "Let's Build Something" project reference page (published in QRP Quarterly, 2 parts so far).

Rex Harper W1REX, QRP-ME has a number of kits, including the Tuna-Tin kits and he's taken over the Rockmite kits from K1SWL. He also has a line of Manhattan supplies.

'Diz' The Toroid King great place to get toroids and some other parts. Also has some really neat looking "RF Toolkit" modules.

BITX20 - one of the neatest projects on the web for homebrewing. Ashhar Farhan's original page.

Solder Smoke home brew podcasts   ICQ - Ham radio podcasts 

GQRP club. One of the best qrp magazines ever - SPRAT.

4SQRP Club. A great club, informal and friendly. Great mail list and great kits as well.

QRP-ARCI - QRP Amateur Radio Club International and publisher of the QRP Quarterly (QQ)

Flying Pigs QRP Club - you know the name about says it all on this one!

Fox Delta Kits - neat kits and designs. I've built or am building several of his kits.

Not ham but great Instructables.  ---------  Drag soldering - pretty neat idea for SMD!

Adafruit & Tutorials 

-- Great Arduino Tutorials Tronixstuff.com 

Another site not directly ham related but good ideas Hack A Day.

Are building an antenna with plastic pipe and run into "nominal" pipe sizes? Or Metric nominal sizes?
Here you go - convert US NPS to nominal Metric: http://mdmetric.com/tech/metnptcomp.htm

And Wikipedia has a good chart on nominal pipe size actual dimensions:
PVC & CPVC Pipe sizes:
PVC Electrical Conduit sizes: