Church History

After a fire, on February 17th, 1851, destroyed the worship structure at the foot of Quoketaug Hill in Old Mystic, a quarter acre of land was purchased for $1000, and by the end of the year the church where we still worship was completed.  Over the years a number of circuit preachers who covered the southeastern area of New London County, including Westerly, were assigned to conduct services.

In 1912, the "Parish House" was built apart from the church and located behind the church.  Sunday School classes and village meetings and gatherings were held here.  In1961, the "parish House" was enlarged and attached to the church, thus completing the structure used today as the Old Mystic United Methodist Church.

In 1955 Reverend Simon P. Montgomery was appointed to OMUMC.  He was the first Black Minister to be appointed to an all White congregation.  So Spirit-filled was Rev. Montgomery's preaching the congregation asked him to stay-on and become their full time Pastor.  OMUMC continues to be an open. welcoming, inclusive community of Spirit-filled believers that pushes beyond the varied societal boundaries which divide.

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