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Indigo Lake

An artist is ordered to make a portrait of a crime boss’s beautiful wife. As he paints her, they fall passionately in love. When the crime boss’s suspicions turn to violence, the lovers fight back and manage to drug him, and drive him in his car into the lake. But the crime boss survives …

“Indigo Lake” is a film about passion, murder, and the power of love to heal.

The Secret File of Harry Chen - a feature screenplay

Long ago, as a young medical student, the narrator, Mike Compton,
accompanied the Prime Minister of Australia, Harold Holt, to the beach,
and witnessed his death by drowning. 

Now a middle-aged doctor on holiday in China, Mike catches a passing glimpse
of a very old European man whom he is sure is Holt.

Mike's search for this man takes us through a post-modernist exploration of truth, lies,
love, and infidelity, set against the myths and conspiracy theories surrounding Harold Holt's disappearance -
in particular the strange story that Prime Minister Holt had been a communist spy about to be unmasked,
and was smuggled away by submarine to safety in China.

The truth Mike finds is as unexpected as it is moving.

BABE ON A BEAM an Apple iPhone App

A simple fun application, this game will have you on your toes. Now in release.

PHOBOS - Fear Kills     A classic horror feature film

Status: Post-production

Synopsis: A group of young filmmakers break into a deserted mental institution to shoot a scary movie. Soon they realise they are trapped in a horror not of their own making. Someone, or something, wants them dead. Is the place haunted, can there still be murderous lunatics stalking the corridors, or are the young filmmakers’ frightening hallucinations caused by a phenomenon way more modern? Fighting back with the aid of the solitary security guard, who knows more than he should, the trespassers uncover a conspiracy they cannot be allowed to reveal.

Production companies: GoWyld, Ompyx Communications
Executive Producer: Jak Wyld
Producer: Mark Piper
Director: Martin Simpson
Writers: Rob Luxford, Martin Simpson
Website: www.phobosthemovie.com