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BRAINS - a hospital thriller

In this tense and fast paced novel, young research Doctor Alex Gray is on the brink of a genetic cure for cancer. 

Beautiful Nurse Jenny Green desperate to save the life of a young boy in her care who can’t be treated by conventional means,
seduces Tom into testing his therapy on the child. 

Early success brings romance into Alex’s life for the first time, but Jenny has a secret lover whose jealous anger will put their
lives in danger, and Alex finds his cure has a darker side. How many deaths will the cover up cost?

BOOMERANG HEART - an eco adventure in the city

Eddie is an eco-warrior. But he's only eight, unable to speak, and bullied by his peers. He regularly escapes his tormentors
by taking refuge in a scrubby gully bordering his orphanage.

When Eddie sees T.V. scientist, Professor Lorentz, describe a medicinal orchid, long extinct, which researchers suspect
once contained the healing power to cure viruses, Eddie realises the plant in the drawings still exists - in his gully.

But plans are underway at Weatherly Hostel to extend the buildings, filling and paving the gully. Unable to communicate,
in order to stop the bulldozers with anything more than his puny body, Eddie is going to need a little help.

Defending Eddie against the assaults of inmates and teachers, new secretary to the orphanage, Lucy, deciphers his mission.
Pitted against hostile planners and bureaucrats who will not see the truth, and a sociopathic orphanage director who wants
the boy silenced at any cost, Lucy must grasp the strength to battle for Eddie’s life, as well as a precious piece of the planet.